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Don’t Quit Your Day Job… Just Yet | Today's Cliche - Marriage, Family, & Working Mommy... from BOTH Women's and Men's Perspectives

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Don’t Quit Your Day Job… Just Yet

January 24, 2009 by  

… And, by day job, I’m not talking about my full-time responsibilities as Mommy to 4, and wife of 7 years to my best friend with whom I’m also very much in love. I’m talking about the current source of my income.  I mean, this is “just a blog”, right? How will I (or will I ever?) be compensated for the sweat, tears, laughs, frustrations, tribulations, and time dedicated to Today’s Cliche? Welp, I really don’t know yet… which is why I better not quit my day job –  just yet, anyway.

The below may be seen as me trying to “plug” my & my partner’s company — maybe you’re right. But justmaaaayyybbbeeee The Corporate Housing Network (www.TCHNetwork.com) can serve as a tool for someone out there in cyberspace who actively reads and participates in Today’s Cliche. I would be shocked if just one of you in my audience isn’t either relocating, between homes, or owns an apartment/condo/home that they’re looking to lease out for 30 days to a year. Or, possibly one of you work for the government, a consulting firm, or are in the entertainment industry.  Professionals like yourself often work on projects/contracts away from home and are sick of staying in hotels; most of these people are constantly looking for an alternative.  Step in The Corporate Housing Network.

About 3 years ago, a former colleague (Erin Bozan), her husband (Karoly Bozan), and I launched The Corporate Housing Network after realizing there was a void in the short-term, executive housing industry that had not yet been filled.  As a the CEO & Co-Founder of this successful business & website, although I already have my hands full with my career and children, I felt it necessary to squeeze in just oonnnneeee more thing into my colorful life.  Hence, the birth of Today’s Cliche, which I work on during the night and on weekends. Also, once The Corporate Housing Network sells, how am I going to (and where will I) spend my creative energy? I always like planning ahead!

So, until we find that perfect buyer for TCHNetwork.com (believe it or not we’ve already had proposals; I’m certainly not complaining…), I will grow Today’s Cliche. This way, by the time I’m ready to set sail, I’m already knee deep into Today’s Cliche and won’t have to stress as much. Work hard, play hard… that’s my motto.

When we officially decided to pull the trigger on Today’s Cliche:

My husband and I have dreamed for YEARS about starting our own company, aside from TCHNetwork.comand his company where he is the VP of Client Services: Intervolve, Inc. We brainstorm on almost a nightly basis about the possibilities. About a year ago, we decided a Blog was the way to go… and have been working out the details ever since.

About 3 months ago, in addition to my other CEO responsibilities for TCHNetwork.com, I began writing a very successful Blog for The Corporate Housing Network (thanks to to all of my loyal readers; you know who you are!). I had always wanted to spin off an industry-related blog to the TCHNetwork.com site, but I was overwhelmed by the thought of it. Although each time I publish a new blog post on TCHNetwork.com I feel as if I just finished a college research essay, there certainly is a sense of reward. Thankfully, since the Blog for The Corporate Housing Network has gone successfully, we thought that while I’m already in the trenches — heck, let’s just get even deeper in the mud and launch Today’s Cliche. In fact, my Partners encouraged me after reading my ‘work blog’ that I should become a professional blogger. I thought, “You read my mind exactly.”

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