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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

“When I Was Your Age…”

November 12, 2009 by  

Embarrassed to admit this, but sometimes I am actually jealous of my kids (mom, don’t take this the wrong way! In fact, you probably think I do too much for them). I am certain I don’t spoil them, by definition (however, I’m also certain that Dave is rolling his eyes and begs to argue the question RE: whether or not I spoil the oldest… the only girl).

I lived a fabulously happy and lucky life as a child. I was ridiculously loved, sheltered, and taken care of by my parents and older (albeit, annoying) siblings.  In fact, I was blessed enough to go on family vacations more than we can afford for our own children.  Even going camping is a long hemming-and-hawing discussion for our family these days.  However, it’s not so much about trips, money, or toys I am sometimes a sucker to buy them “for no reason” (hubby is NOT a fan of this tradition, BTW). [Note: the kids and I always have to come up with an excuse for the gift (i.e. “Oh, honey, she just didn’t pee the bed for 2 nights straight”. Hubby’s response, “Well she is almost 7 years old, and also hasn’t peed the bed for 4 years straight”). I’m sort of exaggerating, but you get the point].

Anywho, my kids have more play dates in one week that I think I had in 1 year growing up (see “It’s Gotta Be 5 O’Clock Somewhere“). On a Sunday night when the older 3 are chanting, “It’s no fair… we never do anything”, or “We’ve been inside all day”, I can’t help but shout and rattle off their itinerary for the last 4 days… and all of the ridiculous, inexpensive fun they’ve had.

I jump at the opportunity to drive the kids to activities they show a serious interest in. Something moms back in the 80s would have not batted an eye to do (meaning: parents who had more than 3 children back in the 80s would not have their kids on the Dance Team, or Select Soccer at 3 or 4 years old… parents then would just wait until the kid was on a team sport, and the “late bus” could drive them home from after school practice).

It’s crazy to me how times have changed. I’m not going to go on and on about “We never had a computer in our house when I was your age”; TOO CLICHE.

Anywho, I feel compelled to wrap this up with a common saying you may hear yourself saying, “Do you think Nana and Pop (or Grandma and Grandpa) would have let ME get away with THIS??” The good news is, I feel as if Dave and I are as stern as our super strict parents and don’t let unacceptable things slide. (Mom and Dad you’re probably laughing!). Believe me… especially behind closed doors I would go head-to-head with you, Dad!

The net-net is that if I could, I would, come back as my daughter (ONLY if I could skip Middle School that is… ECHT!! Hated Middle School!).

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