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Saturday, October 20, 2018

French Pizza

November 28, 2009 by  

From the kitchen of Dorothy Hoban (Kat’s mother’s cousin):

1 pkg. Pepperidge Farm puff pastry
½ of 26 oz. jar favorite pasta sauce
1 large egg yolk
1 T. water
16 slices pepperoni (cold cut size)
8 slices ham
8 slices mozzarella

Defrost pastry (takes about one hour at rom temperature) and unfold carefully.  Place on floured surface and roll out into one into a 16 x 8-inch rectangle and the other into a 16 x 9-inch strip.  Place on individual cookie sheets and chill about 30 minutes in refrigerator.

Beat yolk and water and brush edges of the 8-inch strip.  Spoon sauce down the center and arrange ham, in two overlapping rows, topped with the mozzarella, and ending with the pepperoni, on top of the sauce.  Cover with 9-inch strip and press down edges.  Crimp all around with a fork and brush entire top with egg mixture, adding a little more water if needed.  Make 3 or 4 some slits in top pastry being careful not to cut through to filling.

Bake at 425 for 30 minutes and allow to sit 5 minutes before cutting or wrap well and freeze.  May be cooked, frozen, at 425 about 40-45 minutes.  Watch carefully so it does not overbrown.

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