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“When Hell Freezes Over…” | Today's Cliche - Marriage, Family, & Working Mommy... from BOTH Women's and Men's Perspectives

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

“When Hell Freezes Over…”

December 8, 2009 by  

Oh, it’s true. When hubby is out of town the sh8 hits the fan.

Circa last year: Hosting 35 people for an upcoming weekend.  Hubby’s out of town. Freezer and fridge completely break down. Did I not mention that I spent the 10 days prior cooking all of the food ahead of time to — you guessed it — freeze.  I was not happy; I had no one to help clean up the defrosted nightmare mess or to come up with an executable Plan B. All because of hubby this happened, you know.

Circa 4 years ago: An old neighbor sends her 6-8 year old kid over (uninvited) to play with my two (at the time) kids; they were all of 2 1/2 yrs. old and like 6 months. Oh, this is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving (so, 1 day prior).  I’m hosting Thanksgiving, and pregnant with the 3rd child. Have no washer/dryer, my kitchen is completely exposed to the outside elements (only a plastic sheet separates the warm, cozy house from the dingy garage). Why? Long story.

Anywho, the uninvited lil neighbor shows up ringing the doorbell about an hour after leaving, with neighbor Mom standing next to her. Neighbor Mom tilts her kid’s head toward the sun so I can see the critters (lice) running through Sally’s head, and “is so sorry, but didn’t know”.  She recommends every lice treatment under the sun (pun intended), and concurs that we bomb the house, and wash any soft clothing, stuffed animals, coats, etc.  BTW – Lice treatment on a pregnant woman = big no no. Remember, I have no washer/dryer? Where’s Dave? Outta town. Who’s coming in 2 hours? His parents.

Circa last week: Car won’t start. Hubby’s out of town. Hubby thinks it’s because I either left a light on, of left the cell phone car charger plugged in. Wrong. Honey, I left the windows open (overnight).

Wait, that wouldn’t cause the problem though, would it? Ooops, I then realize the keys are in the ignition Picture 4(overnight, with windows open).

…And, evidently I also left the Disney Cars DVD playing in the car the day prior, at about 3 pm.

Since hubby is just finding out about this now, and I sort of told him, “I have no idea why it won’t start”, all hell is going to break loose (not so much freeze over).

PS – Thanks Chris for the jump!

Click here to see the GUY’S version of the “When Hell Freezes Over…”

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One Response to ““When Hell Freezes Over…””
  1. Jo says:

    You sent me a message with your blog info so I wanted to check your blog out. It’s very funny!! Love your posts and I will be following your posts. 🙂


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