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“Everything Happens for a Reason” | Today's Cliche - Marriage, Family, & Working Mommy... from BOTH Women's and Men's Perspectives

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

“Everything Happens for a Reason”

December 9, 2009 by  

How Everything Happens for a Reason played out in my life earlier this week.

Monday: 3rd child tells mommy there’s this BIG WORM down the stairs by garage door. I don’t believe him, but continue to give in, asking him “How big, honey? Oh, wow-wee, bud!” (Yeah, yeah echoes in my head).

Tuesday morning: Wake up at 5:09 am. Text running partner: “Are you up” “Ready to go”. I get nothing back. Clearly someone slept in! I’m not pissed as most would be. I’m elated. Didn’t wanna go anyway, so there!

I lay in bed with one eye open. Too lazy to get up and insert coffee into veins. Have enough umph to grab iPhone while laying under covers and begin my therapeutic ritual which gets blood through my veins (get your mind outta the gutter, please).

Ritual to get blood pumping through veins at 5:09 am = reading Facebook updates. Yes, it’s therapy for me. It makes me feel “normal”. If you have a Facebook account, you know what I mean. enough said. Okay, I’m awake.

Realize my favorite creamer in the entire world is empty, Peppermint Mocha by Coffee Mate (I can write an ENTIRE blog just about that). Realize there’s some in garage fridge. Sh*t – garage is down a while flight of stairs.

Step over something. Get creamer outta fridge. Walk back into house and wipe eyes a few times and think, “Sh8, 3rd child did really see a worm; and, what a huge worm that is”. Me = scared of anything that isn’t a mammal, in my delirious state, goes to get a stick to pick it up… until, I see how long it is and it POPS its head up, hisses what sounded like a roar, and sticks its flippin tongue out at me!

I think I’ll trust my kids when they tell me a tall tale tomorrow. (PS – Yes, screamed as you can imagine, and of course woke up hub to save the day).

My interpretation of Everything Happens for a Reason = Thank God running partner bailed, b/c otherwise my 3rd child would have been 1st person down those stairs that morning and no doubt would have tried to pick up, stab, or step all over slithering dude.

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2 Responses to ““Everything Happens for a Reason””
  1. shari pettigrew says:

    Kat,Did you scream like a girl when you say that snake? I think I heard you here in Rhode Island!!!!!!lololol


  2. juliet says:

    Whew! I could not imagine how you looked like when you realize what the worm really was!

    On the other thought, our kids may seem annoying at times but it’s still important to listen to what they say.


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