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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

“No Worries Here”

December 11, 2009 by  

No worries here. I’m not leaving hubby anytime soon. I could never be a single parent. Seriously. All the screw ups while hubby was out of town all week prove it:

  • Lost (but then luckily found) my 3 year old in the middle of the night last night
  • Failed in my record-setting attempt to block huge glasses of red wine from making it’s new home on new carpet. Yep, red wine
  • On average, was 32 minutes late dropping kids off to PreK 3 days in a row (insert pat-on-back; could have been a lot worse)
  • Stayed in wet, nasty clothes that I ran in at 5 am (have you ever kept a wet running bra on for 18.5 hours?) until 11:30 pm [this isn’t really a ‘screw up’, but proves my time was not my own that day!]
  • Forgot to move Elf on the Shelf not once, not twice, but thrice! HOLY COW
    • (If you’re all “Huh?”, read about the Elf on the Shelf legend HERE, and you’ll realize why this was a major boo-boo)
    • In an effort to cover my as$ when son found me RED HANDED with Elf in my hand at 6:03 am (trying to frantically move him), I agreed with son’s hypothesis that Elf was sick
    • I expanded on the fib (I know, shocking for those who know me), explaining that Elf was in my hands b/c he was trying to whisper in my ear that he was sick; he had a cold
    • I gave Elf a vitamin, and all was supposed to be fine

One would think I would never make that mistake again, seeing the tears in their eyes… WELL:

    • My daughter sees the NEXT day that Elf didn’t MOVE in the middle of the night AGAIN, and she proceeds to start balling crying, running to tell the boys that the Elf must be dying that he was too weak to move. SERIOUSLY?? Where’s Dad to save the day?

General accomplishment this past week:

  • Remembered to feed the children
  • Remembered to change their diapers, and wipe their tushes when they went #2 on the bowl
  • (Somehow) Squeezed in 23 hours on TCHNetwork.com
  • Remembered to roll the garbage pail to the curb on designated morning
  • Remembered to snuggle with them at bed time, and laugh a little too
  • Remembered to bathe the children (…Err, half of them, anyway)
  • Remembered to have friends over for (6 hour) Happy Hour Wednesday
  • Ordered ALL kids, parent’s, in-law’s XMas presents
  • Stuffed ALL 250 Xmas cards (okay, bribed — and paid — 2 older ones to help with this)
  • RANDOMLY had a wild hare and showed up at some hair place y’day and cut like 9 inches off my hair and changed it’s color.  Mid-life (or, mid-week?) crisis? Maybe.

(6 year old’s reaction to my hair chop to be quoted in a future post)

Above Image Credited to: http://www.touchamemory.com/BUSY_MOM/busy_mom.gif

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One Response to ““No Worries Here””
  1. Lucy says:

    Sounds like you had quite the week! I do remember when my kids were small and trying to do it all, it can get a little crazy.
    I think you are onto a great idea with this site and would love to see it grow!!!! I was wondering why I can’t see the other comments??
    Anyways, just wanted to comment that I drop by all the time and really hope you guys grow and grow!!!!!


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