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SOOOO Honored!! | Today's Cliche - Marriage, Family, & Working Mommy... from BOTH Women's and Men's Perspectives

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

SOOOO Honored!!

December 21, 2009 by  

Seriously?  Okay, so Today’s Cliche has been live for 3 weeks. Would you not also be humbled, flattered, and beyond honored to receive a Blog Award? We are.

Thank you soooo much TwoNormalMoms for this distinction and recognition. Life Laugh Latte awarded it to Ally and Lela initially; love Life Laugh Latte’s blog, too!

Here is what TwoNormalMoms had to say about Today’s Cliche:

And we’ll pass it on to just one newly discovered (at least by us) blog:
Today’s Cliche
This is so good. You get the same story told twice – once from the wife, and once from the husband. Oh yeah. It’s good. Hilarious. Enlightening. An fun-filled reading ride.

Here is Two Normal Moms‘ profile info:

Two Normal Moms, Ally & Lela, grew up together, and for 35+ years have always had each other to turn to. Through all the craziness and insanity that life can dish out, they have remained “normal”. (According to them, anyway!) They see things with logic, common sense and normalcy. (Again, according to them – this is likely a subjective thing, but don’t tell them that) They’ve married, had children, lost loved ones, gained friends, found God, traveled, and to date neither have had to file for bankruptcy, divorce or the mental hospital! Phew! They exchange weekly, if not daily phone calls and emails. They give each other advice on everything from child rearing to adult acne. And most importantly, they share their observations as the world around them seems to be immersed in “abnormality”. Follow along as they share those observations on this blog site. They may be heart warming, they may be thoughtful, but mostly they’ll make you chuckle with relief at finding others who are NORMAL, too!

Here is Life Laugh Latte’s profile info:


Make a hot cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and hang out with your two new girlfriends! Some things we’ve learned through many years of marriage and parenting, but most of what we share is just raw, uncensored life as we have experienced it. No psychology degrees, far from perfect, but all honest and vulnerable…and of course much of it is funny! Because if you can’t laugh at life…it will probably make you cry. So why not choose to Laugh with us! We get together once a week and videotape our conversations. A true reality show! Our kids interrupt us, the phone rings, and we talk about life, laugh through the struggles, and share a latte together. We also enjoy writing short articles about friendship, family, faith, things we love and things that make us laugh. If we review a book or favorite item we will have it for sale in our online Amazon store. Thanks for stopping by…there’s nothing we like more than making a new friend! If you enjoy our blog please tell a friend.

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