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One of These Things is Not Like The Other | Today's Cliche - Marriage, Family, & Working Mommy... from BOTH Women's and Men's Perspectives

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

One of These Things is Not Like The Other

December 31, 2009 by  

For the most part, hubby and I have very similar parenting styles. Slowly learning, however, that having similar parenting styles does not warrant, or equate to, similar styles of worrying as a parent.

Obsessions and fears about the children ~

HER concerns:

  • An intruder will come through their bedroom window and swipe them in the middle of the night
  • They’ll stop breathing in the middle of the night
  • They will get raped in a public bathroom if they went in by themselves (when they’re a bit older, of course, as we still take them in)
  • That they will get hit by a car
  • That they will flip their bikes on a bump and crack their head open, and their brains will spill on the concrete
  • That they’ll trip while running upstairs and break through the spindles of railing (2 story family room) and drop to their death
  • They will be kidnapped and never be found, and I will be tortured for the rest of my life not knowing if they’re safe, dead, or abused

HIS concerns:

  • That wife didn’t cut bread into small enough cubes
  • They they’ll see me without clothes on in bathroom and be scarred for life
  • That they’ll see me eating main entrees (that are not finger food) with my fingers and follow suit, which will ruin their life
  • That they’ll get sick from running around front yard not fully clothed 🙄

Now, the ideology for “One of these things is not like the other” for this blog post came to fruition because hubby decided yesterday to stop at the most sketchy rest stop in the eastern, mid-west, and western corridors of the United States of America.  While there, witnessed ONE OF THESE THINGS IS NOT LIKE THE OTHER.  And that “one of these things” was moi, and spouse (we were without kids, traveling to D.C.).

Hubby responds to my relentless comments about the demographics of this dump, armpit, and h*ll hole by saying, “Wow, you’re expectations are pretty high.” “Just stop it, Kat.”

Maybe I do hold my nose up high to a rest stop where within a 100 foot square compound  
there exists a free standing chapel (not kidding), barber shop (not kidding), “family restaurant” (HAA, or so that’s what the sign says!), motel, pool, arcade (if you would have seen the adults sitting at the arcade machines you’d run for cover), etc. etc. etc. Oh, and a “Subway” fast food. That is why we stopped; oh, and to pee.

I walked into the building kicking and screaming, but hubby refused to get back in car and stop somewhere else.  I couldn’t believe he would take his beautiful bride to a rest stop this nightmare’ish.

The kicker is, when asked if he would stop here with the kids — if he were traveling solo without me — his immediate “of course” was the dead giveaway that I will now never let him take the kids on a road trip without me.

Actually, this is the REAL kicker: I tried to go potty at this heavenly rest stop, picturing this is what I’d find:

Never made it that far. Instead, something even more disturbing met me near the door: A SKETCHY, SKETCHY guy in the Women’s Room!! I came running out, exclaiming that we’re getting the h*ll outta here, as there’s no way I’m going back in there. So, I ask hubby, “What would you do if I weren’t here… would you let daughter go into the women’s room by herself? And, SEE! There was a guy in there, who could rape her!!” [See 3rd bullet point above].

Hubby’s response? “Yes I would, but she’d come right out just like you did when she saw a man in there.”

My response? “It’ll be too late, he would have raped her by then.” [Again, see 3rd bullet point above]

Yes, I often think of the worse possible scenario. Yes, hubby thinks I only think the worse. Not always true, but when it comes to worrying about my children, I’ll admit it: he’s right.

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5 Responses to “One of These Things is Not Like The Other”
  1. Gina Carroll says:

    Kat and Dave,
    Thought you should start the New Year with a Blog Award. Go here to
    grab your honor–

    You so deserve it and more! Your site is wonderfully different, refreshing and fun. I have 5 kids so I am so there… here?!?
    Happy New Year!
    Much love!


  2. Shy says:

    I am totally in the same boat and surprisingly my hubby has the same views except handles it in a much more level headed fashion. I am a spaztic about worrying about those kind of things.


  3. Mariah says:

    WOW! It took a picture like this to get my husband to look at a blog:) We both made the same sound (which I cannot properly place into phonetic words). So funny the different parenting concerns. I too feel death will surely happen if my children fall. I always think they will stumble to death into the corner of the table. Or my high heeled boots!


  4. Melissa says:

    Oh my GOSH! I guess the one good thing is now my kids are old enough to scream bloody murder or talk their assailant’s ear off to get away, but seriously – you must be very careful about rest-stops. Please remind Dave that women/girls/boy children can not stand up to use the facilities, and they must be cleaner!! EEEK. Love your blog!!!


  5. sorry, so busy barfing at that photo, i have to go grab the bleach and clean the loos. yuggggggggggggggg.

    paper the seat!



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