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She Said: “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth I$” | Today's Cliche - Marriage, Family, & Working Mommy... from BOTH Women's and Men's Perspectives

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

She Said: “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth I$”

January 5, 2010 by  

Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m terrified. One (1) of my four (4) New Years Resolutions is to get out of debt — and I mean, forever. You would think I’d just focus on that, since that’s a freakin’ torturous goal in and of itself. But, no. I have so many issues, I can’t just nail my New Year’s Resolution down to one.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re not going bankrupt or anything, but I clearly like to spend more than we earn. Shoot me, I’m guilty. I’m gonna take a wild stab that possibly so are (probably?) 95% of my audience.  Hubby’s been complaining about that since the day we met (meanwhile, heee heemmm, I paid off all of HIS outstanding credit card bills right after we got married; I had no credit card debt at that time, might I mention).

At Lifepointe last month, we heard David Ramsey speak about a 13 week seminar called Financial Peace University.  The mere thought of this feeling of peace makes me literally drool in my chair. Last night, I committed to myself that I wanted a peace (and piece) of that feeling, and that I would do whatever it took to get there.  However, I looked at the site, and all of the homework, expectations, and limits I’ll have to place on our family (me!) — and I want to quit already!  This is going to be one of the toughest things I’ve ever done; seriously. Want to join me on my ride so you can criticize how I’m doing? C’mon, dissecting someone else always makes you feel better. I do it all the time!

Why am I willing to document my nightmare journey, and be under the microscope?

  • To be held accountable?
  • To know that if I fail, I’ll have to admit it to an audience?

That’s what I’m thinking.
Do you think I can do it?

I’m not sure I can.  I gotta admit, I’m shaking in my boots.

      • Do I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY think that I’ll be able to turn a blind eye from an irresistible deal ‘just because‘?
      • Like many, I’m obsessed with but-it-was-on-sale.
      • You-gotta-see-this-deal, honey!!!
      • Look-how-much-I-saved-us!!! (even though the jeans came out to $168 after discount; and yes, one pair of jeans).

Will this mean I can’t go to Starbucks every day? No more McDonald’s breakfasts? I’m not a huge shopper, but I love buying my kids their wardrobes on Gap.com — every item on extreme sale, of course (could be worse, could shop exclusively at Janie & Jack… or Lilly Pulitzer). Like all of you, I love going to Target just to peruse. How often do you swing by to pick up paper towels and wind up with a bill that’s $343… charged to the credit card, of course.

Hubby is the one who thinks (knows) I spend too much. He’s been asking me for years “is there some money you have hidden somewhere that I’m not privy to? You seem to have no worries about how much you spend… I just don’t get it.”

As of today, I think I’m all grown up because I’m willing to admit that– for the first time — I think he’s right.

CLICK HERE to view the GUY’S VERSION of “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth I$”…

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7 Responses to “She Said: “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth I$””
  1. Ally says:

    You can do it! We’ll all cheer for you! And I guarantee you will get addicted to the liberated feeling you get when you pay off that last bill. (Except the mortgage and car payments, of course – I agree with your other half – they’re background noise)


  2. Melissa says:

    I KNOW you can’t do it on your own, but with God’s help, you will be able to succeed. Like you, I am much better with an Accountability Partner. Consider us, “the Internets” your personal partners!! Go Kat! I spend too much on Amazon. I want to join the fight. Maybe I could start the kids’ college accounts with what I don’t spend! Count me in!


  3. Candice says:

    Thanks for popping over. It does seem like we have some BIG resolutions ahead. I can’t wait to see how this journey goes for us.


  4. Hi there Kat. Thanks for dropping by my blog. It’s nice to “meet” you. I have to admit I share your passion when it comes to children and adopting (infact I blog about adoption from time to time). I currently have four children in my household and would love to adopt 4+ more! Perhaps someday but for now I’m focused on my fantastic four. 🙂 I’ll add your site to my “follow” list so I can keep up with you. Best wishes in the new year.

    Kindest regards,


  5. Shy says:

    Totally hear where you are coming from and I only have 1 child!!! It’s really difficult because we as adults are very similar to our children when we want something NOW we mean RIGHT NOW!! One of the really cool things that the hubby and I have decided to do to save money and pay off debt is to pay cash (well debit card) for everything and if we don’t have the deniro for it, it stays there!! We also have agreed to save at least 10% of what we make and putting it in a place where we can’t easily access it. Believe it or not, I HATE carrying cash!! I think it’s dirty, I hate walking around with mounds of change in my purse, and it’s just gross!! So any cash that comes our way I give it to him where he promptly puts it up in a top secret location in the house where I can’t find it (and believe me he’s good!) and then randomly makes deposits/investments and then tells me later. We’ve been pretty good at this for the past 6 months or so. It works for us. As long as the bills are paid the debts keep going down I’m fine with that!!! Oh and among the list of keeping debts low and savings high; eating out only once a week with coupons (which depending on the day of the week school sponsored savings coupons come in handy for discounts)or when the kid can eat for free, and having drinks at home instead of in restuarants! So not totally skimping on the fun the the adults, but being a little bit more frugal with it!! You can do it!!! You are THE most determined person that I have EVER met in my LIFE!!!


  6. What a great blog concept! LOVE it! I laughed at this post because I can imagine my husband would write something like this. I am not the spender of the family, but I love the one about the wine! haha Anyway I hope you both succeed!!!


  7. Rondi says:

    Hello Kat, thanks for stopping by…you are right they are similar. You have a nice blog. Enjoyed this post–I can so relate. That is one of my goals for 2010–pay off bills. I am learning to be more frugal with coupons, and not eating out as much. Best wishes!


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