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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

A Mother’s Work is Never Done

January 9, 2010 by  

Most asked question (well, text) this morning: “Did you live through it? Was it terrible?? I’m so sorry!”

You would
think they were asking about a sex change operation or something; nope. The texts were referencing the fact that I boldly succumbed to a
just-turned-7-year-old-sleepover-including-almost-14-kids last night (they didn’t all sleep over, no worries).  And… their kids were at my house; hence their texts this a.m.

The irony is that these girls (4 -8 year olds) — who otherwise could have nastily scratched each other’s eyes out, not fallen asleep, cried during the night, attempt to wiggle into my bed — were a-m-a-z-i-n-g (which considering the pre-pubescent hormones flowing through their bodies, you never know what you’re gonna get). They were gems.

We’re all our worst critic; the hiccups at the party had nothing to do w/the kids (of course), and all to do with me.

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, evidently. Daughter thought cake I made was a piece of art. I, on the other hand, was devastated by how it came out.  Okay, so here’s a sad, sad vision of my attempt at a stylish hat, with a purse on top, high heel shoe, etc. for her cake:

Pathetic, I know.

  • I actually enjoyed pretending I was annoyed hubby scooted out with buddies in lieu of refereeing the girls with me. I mean, I needed help choreographing the 9 games (one included a “G” rated spin the bottle. Yes, I’m serious. No, it’s not what you think).
    When our cousin and friend dropped off his daughters, he strategically
    invited hubby out to a bar with 2 other buds. “Honey, do you mind????”, hubby bellows in the midst of screaming and yelling wanna-be-‘tweens.

  • I give him the tried and true “Whateveryou get middle-of-the-night duty with them, then. If any of them wake up, they’re yours,” I remind him. Really, I didn’t care he was going b/c I looked over my shoulder, confirmed and noted that two-of-my-good-friend-moms-of-like-aged-daughters were going to stay with me, and have a glass(es) of wine. Off hubby goes.

Indubitably, I was glad I let hubby slide out the door. Half-so to make up for the error in judgement (which cost a few $$s) I made while he was here… and half-so due to the foreshadowed wee little errors in judgement I made while he was ripping it up at the good ‘ole Carolina Ale House.

  • Just before the party, hubby arrived home, swamped with helium balloons from Dollar Store: “Oh, let me guess, you over-order again and got what… like 8 pizzas? Please tell me you didn’t.”

    OHHH… it felt SOOO good to say that I didn’t.
    Instead, I said, “Nope…”

    And as I slid under the island counter… I mumbled,
    I ordered 14

(Note: all boxes were unable to be evidenced)

– Guess how many were eaten (pies, that is)?
– Mmmm-aaaa-yyy-bbbb-eeee three (3)
– Oops

  • So, I gave into a pinata for the first time. It was a cute little poodle:
  • However, little did I know that the girls swinging the bats would — literally — look like this:

  • Consequently, due to the craziness and excitement, I neglected to think twice about the peripherals when helping them ‘choke up’ on the bat:

    was all in the darn backswing.  I neglected to put down my wine glass when refereeing the damn pinata.

Oh well. If that’s the worst that happens, I think it was a successful shin dig. Oh, actually two of our kids got up in middle of the night. Guess who attended to their needs? I guess hubby interpreted my “If any of them wake up, they’re yours” to only included children that were not our own. I’m sure he meant well.

QUESTION: What 21 month old goes down for a 1:45 pm nap
and wakes up at 8 AM the next day??
Not to mention screams through the SHRIEKS
and screams of a houseful of girls during a Sleepover?

ANSWER: The 4th child, that’s who

(PS – The little guy’s excessive sleeping is a story for another post

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4 Responses to “A Mother’s Work is Never Done”
  1. Ally says:

    All in all, it sounds like it went well, wine glass and extra pizza aside. 🙂 Cracked up over the little bat swingers!
    I’m picking my jaw up off the floor and waiting patiently for the excessive sleeping story, however!


  2. Melissa says:

    I think I went home on my first sleepover! Great job Kat!


  3. Melissa says:

    Loved the bat swing mental image! Cracking up – didn’t anyone ever tell you no more guests at the party than the age of the child???? Yikes – 14? However, when your son turns 14, that will be the exact number of pizzas you will need – for he and six friends!!


  4. Kat says:

    Yes, my mom told me that when I invited 32 friends to my 2 year old daughter’s birthday party. I didn’t listen then, but tried to listen this year. Ironically, this year I DID ONLY INVITE 8 (okay, 1 more than her age), but — and I love when this happens, really, the more the merrier — somehow more kids wound up here. Wait, maybe it was 14 including adults? Oh, I don’t remember. It’s all a blur!


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