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Seriously, (I needed to) Take a Chill Pill | Today's Cliche - Marriage, Family, & Working Mommy... from BOTH Women's and Men's Perspectives

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Seriously, (I needed to) Take a Chill Pill

January 10, 2010 by  

Although I love cooking (in a sadistic sorta way; it’s kinda unhealthy), I’m not a baker. In fact, I commented last weekend to my mom RE: the fact that I don’t necessarily enjoy baking (who is such a ridiculously, implausible, award-winning-cook-who-would-blow-the-boxers-off-of-Emeril-who’s-head-is-so-far-up-his-groin-it’s-nauseating) [glad I got that outta my system]. Mom’s observation is that baking is much more of an absolute science of particular measurements, whereas ‘cooking’ is wildly (my words) more flexible.  Like mom, I am unhealthily obsessed with cooking appets/main meals/soups/etc., versus baking.

Welp, I was sharing this theory w/my friend at the 7 year old sleepover — the friend who wrote “Just Relax and Enjoy”.  Her classic response pretty much sums up the perception I also had of myself.

Regarding baking vs. cooking theory, she immediately commented: “That’s surprising… you’re so anal… I would think you’d like baking better“. I mini-attacked her for that comment before she ducked and swore, “So am I… that’s why I’m saying that… swear!!” Honesty: what friends are for.

I did take some time to process this while trying to fall asleep at 2 am last night, and admittedly, I used to be anal… about everything. What said friend doesn’t know is that I’ve really changed my ways since working-more-than-I-can handle, with my ‘real work-work’, and now w/the blog. I was anal about punctuation and grammar in my 2 liner IMs (I’d proofread for about 20 minutes before clicking send), my house, the wood floors, my kids outfits, their hair, matching accessories, dust on top of the fridge, etc. I actually thought these things made me feel content, and accomplished. There was an odd urge of satisfaction for those 38 seconds that everything seemed ‘just so… well, perfect’.

However, within 37 seconds, everything goes to sh*t, especially with 4 kids. I realized that 38 hours of work — for 38 seconds of satisfaction is not worth it.

So, instead of cleaning, organizing, and tidying, I just use that time to complain on Today’s Cliche about how I’m drowning in laundry, a crusty house, sheets with pee on them for a week, the kids being allowed to dress themselves, and my husbands subtle jabs that things aren’t just so. Meanwhile, I was the one who imparted my analness on HIM, and it rubbed off.

I now want off that train, and I’m not sure he’s quite there, yet! (Might also be the anti-anxiety meds I’m taking… j/k).

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2 Responses to “Seriously, (I needed to) Take a Chill Pill”
  1. Melissa says:

    Oh Kat, my dear we are cut from such the same cloth – well, except I LOVE to bake. But anyway – perfectionism nearly killed me. Now the clutter drives me nuts, but I can ignore it, sort of like ignoring bickering children, mis-matched socks on said children, dog hair on every flat surface….I could go on and on. Glad you are “letting it go!”


  2. Kat says:

    You stated it better than I. I am now just ignoring it as I do bickering children (until the glass coffee table begins cracking from the shrieks).

    (PS – Don’t let me fool you, I clean up before friends come over, but just not with a toothbrush to the vent under the fridge, as I used to. Also, I (okay, “WE”) clean/tidy either every morning, or every night… (yeah, yeah, I know… I’m lucky my hubby helps… but I do run a company and this blog, too… admittedly, he is helpful, I won’t lie… or trade him in!). But, I used to be MUCH WORSE!


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