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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Pushing the Envelope

January 13, 2010 by  

You would think I like living on the edge.

I push the envelope ANY CHANCE I get. Always have, always would, likely always will. Parents caught me most of the time; husband nips my behavior in the bud before it gets too edgy.

One would hypothesize (me included) that someone who constantly pushes the envelope consequently likes living on the edge. Ummm… not so much. I love the thrill of just making it in the nick of time to pick up my kids (wow, that sounded sick writing that); I love the thrill of barely getting a Press Release out by deadline (we’re talking within milliseconds of said deadline). Meanwhile, those who know my are without question frustrated saying, “Umm… hello? What about the fact that you ASK the most uncomfortable, revealing, controversial, & innappropriate questions — regardless if they’re a strangers or dignitary“. Okay, it’s true. I DO push the envelope, and sometimes OVERSTEP MY BOUNDARIES. Ever hear “Curiosity killed the Cat Kat“?  I have a BAD case of it.  I’ve actually had people tell me, “I just learned more about my spouse while you were questioning him, than I’ve ever known.”

I am available for hire, if you’re wondering.

About not Living on the Edge:
Would rather have my intestines pul
led out by toothpicks, and lose a few limbs, over stepping foot on a roller coaster. Bungee jumping – NEVER. Ski lifts? Terrified.
[PS – Although I grew up skiing, all I can picture for this upcoming
weekend of skiing in Breckenridge are the weight of my skis pulling me 1000 feet to my death. Or, more disturbing (if that’s possible), a wind gust flipping the ski chair over, 1000 feet in the sky, dropping me until I shatter by entire body on top of a few skiers below, killing a pack of 10 people. Pink snow everywhere].

How this relates to parenting is that I’m scared to death my children will recognize my pattern of pushing the proverbial envelope.  In fact, I already very much notice this in my daughter, who is sickeningly (is that word?) too much like me. More frightening is that she ALSO loves living on the edge… Rollercoasters – she loves ’em. Falling from great heights – check.  Biggest daredevil of the family – check. Thinking further, she pushes the envelope just about every hour, on the hour. We’re screwed.

Do you think this is a recipe for disaster? Pushing the envelope is one thing. Living on the edge is another. The two, together, sound like a lethal cocktail.  Whereas I think living on the edge is nature vs. nurture, pushing the envelope is a learned response. I’d better start flippin’ changing it around.

Okay — this is it. Hold me accountable! Anyone else wanna jump on my bandwagon?  Although the thrill of barely making it gives me an adrenalin rush, it’s definitely not worth it. Another New Years resolution I’ve added to the list.

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One Response to “Pushing the Envelope”
  1. cristina says:

    Push the envelope / daredevil? Its all about putting yourself out there I think. My problem is I push too many envelopes at once while diving off a few cliffs!




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