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She Said: “Are You Kidding Me?” | Today's Cliche - Marriage, Family, & Working Mommy... from BOTH Women's and Men's Perspectives

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

She Said: “Are You Kidding Me?”

January 14, 2010 by  

Isn’t crazy how one comment can – literally – sear through your core… meanwhile, the person who mumbled the comment under his/her breath doesn’t even realize the damage it’s done. I’m certain you all can relate.

Last night:  11:30 pm. HE arrives home.  “Are you kidding me!?!?!”, HE utters under HIS breath in kitchen, while SHE lay on the other side of a half-wall on the couch, out of his line of vision. HE assumes she sleeping in bed; however, SHE fell asleep working with laptop on her at 10:30 pm.  And, she heard him.


SHE could have freakin’ called it. In fact, SHE seriously, seriously considering knocking that ONE LAST TASK out, as a kind gesture before HE arrived home. However, SHE had to choose which task to close first: send out the paperwork for the 2nd most lucrative deal SHE’s had to date on TCHNetwork.com, or do the freakin’ dishes. Since one required brain power and stamina — and SHE had just gotten the FOUR kids to sleep — SHE figured the astute thing to do would be to focus primarily on the task that required educated sentences, and definitive dates. SHE planned on doing the dishes when done. After spending about 1 1/2 hours composing the Addendums for the contract — SHAME on her, SHE fell asleep.

SHE just loathed his “Are you kidding me” mumble.  What HE was referring to was a sink 3/4 the way full with random dishes from the day. HE was out “with customers” and arrived home at 11:30 pm. SHE’s sure it was very arduous task, for which SHE have no pity, that HE was rapping with guys – who are all in the beer wholesale industry… both at dinner and presumable at a bar or two following in downtown Raleigh last night. Actually, SHE doesn’t even know where he was; SHE didn’t ask. SHE was so peeved.

Don’t get her wrong, SHE’s sure he had a long day at work; SO DID SHE. In fact, SHE mentioned to him when driving all 4 kids home from the kids’ gymnastics “Parent’s Observation” at 6:30 pm (for which SHE thought HE was also attending; long story), that SHE just had probably the worst hour of HER life. It was torturous. AND the looks SHE got from the other parents (you can’t put a 20 month old in a huge gymnasium and expect him to sit Indian-style – C’MON PEOPLE!!).  Oh, did SHE not mention that on Wednesdays SHE has SIX (6) kids under the age of (just turned) 7 in the car for carpool. When SHE tells you 3 of her kids got punished for their arguing and crying, that’s putting it lightly. Not to mention any waking minute SHE was not wiping a butt, driving all over God’s creation (kids go to school no where’s near their home!), or going potty herself, SHE was working with clients, or prospective clients.

Since SHE knew HE had a long day, before sitting down to close the 2nd biggest work deal for her company, SHE made sure the kitchen was SPOTLESS (minus the sink) — we’re talking vacuumed all the floors, 409’ed all the counters, Windex’ed all the appliances. Cleaned the Living Room SPOTLESS (including Windexing the glass coffee tables), cleaned two of the main floor playrooms SPOTLESS, and vacuumed all the hard wood floors in the house.

So, HONEY, next time you say, “Kat, you know I don’t care about what the house looks like or if it’s clean… I could care less. Spend time with the kids,” clearly we know where your head is. Say what you mean, and mean what you say.

A good ‘ole, “Wow, Kat… the house looks great. How did you manage that with everything else you had on your plate today?” would have spoke volumes. It’s always nice to feel appreciated, I guess.

[PS – the topping to the cake was that I learned at Parent Observation night that MY KIDS HAD BEEN GOING TO THE WRONG CLASS TIME FOR THE PAST 9 weeks!!  And, my daughter was not EVEN LEARNING WHAT SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE!].

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11 Responses to “She Said: “Are You Kidding Me?””
  1. Shell says:

    I love the idea of the he said/she said thing. I’ve been a sahm since my oldest was born, but Hubs knows that he best not comment about whatever housework I did not managed to get done, thank goodness.


  2. me and my hubs just had this argument (well, it was more like me yelling at him) that he needed to pitch in more with the house chores. SAHM stands for stay-at-home-mom not stay-at-home-maid. The 12 daytime hours (7-7) I spend taking care of our 5 month old is my day job. I still do the bulk of the housework when I get a spare moment and it’s impossible to get it all done…I wish he would mumble something under his breath about a sink full of dirty dishes.


  3. Cristina says:

    I don’t know where to send this – but you mentioned that you liked the template I was using. I found it in WordPress for you.



  4. Unknown Mami says:

    This could be a scene from my life. Except he would say, “It’s a mess in here” and I would answer, “NO, it’s not! Everything in the kitchen has been cleaned there are just dishes in the sink.”


  5. Are you kidding me? How do you BOTH find time to write posts! LOL! Seriously, I’m a SAHM and barely find the time to post a few times a week. Not to mention the fact that my house is NEVER clean. And I only have 2 kids. So you are to be commended for working full time, caring for all those kids, and still managing to clean! Wow! I feel very inadequate. 🙂


  6. So funny. Everyone can relate to this. I love the he said she said concept. I know we often have different perspectives and we often think the other is the obnoxious one!


  7. Crystal says:

    Haha, that is SO funny! My husband and I are the opposite though. I get so upset every time I come home to a messy house, and he thinks, WHAT? I’ve been busy playing with the kids all night, what do you expect? He could really care less if the house is messy, so he never notices if I’m behind on house work. I guess it’s a good thing.
    Anyway, thank you for visiting my blog. I love your!


  8. Crystal says:

    I’m following you now 🙂


  9. wendiwinn says:

    my hubby wouldn’t never say that. mainly because he’d know what the answer(s) would be.

    “are you kidding me?”

    answer 1: “no.”
    answer 2: “yes.”
    answer 3: “are *you* kidding *me*?”
    answer 4: *burps*


  10. I think you chose the right decision. No wonder you dozed off though after such a long, hard day!

    Congrats on your SITS day!


  11. Becky says:

    I think it’s moments like this that I am grateful that I am a single Mom. 🙂 I don’t have to worry about that or answer to that mumble, which I have had in my past. If something doesn’t get accomplished then I complete it the next day.

    Happy SITS Day!


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