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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

He Said: “Crowd Noise”

January 24, 2010 by  

Many of you were watching the Conference Championship games today.  Two great games, but I think the two best teams ended up making it to the Super Bowl (sorry Uncle Mike and Scott).

There are Favre Haters and Farve Lovers, and many times they reside in the same household. I know this because my dad hates him and I am a fan.  There’s a link between Favre and me, for those of you that don’t know (I call him “The Big B”, by the way).  If you watch only an inkling of football, you know that Favre’s dad, Irv, was a huge influence on his life.  What you don’t know is that his Great-great-great-uncle, Burrell, had a big influence on mine.

In 1860, Kiln, Mississippi had a mayoral race of the ages.  They were torn between two brothers, Irv and Burrell Favre, to lead the city.  They ultimately chose Irv, and it was more than Burrell could bear.  After the election vote was finalized, Burrell decided to leave his hometown,and make his footprint elsewhere.

He headed north and settled in a rural area just north of what is now Pittsburgh.  He immediately became a leader in the neighborhood, and after 10 years they decided to name the town Burrell.  After signficant growth, they devided the area between Upper Burrell and Lower Burrell.  The area  continued to grow over the next 100 years and Irv Favre’s relatives, from a distance, did their best to keep in touch.

This continued through the late 2000’s, when the world’s most famous Favre, Brett, decided to visit his namesake in November 2009.  Ironically, we were visiting my parents that same weekend.  My mom, as usual and as everyone knows, organized a picnic/cookout/bacon-roast for our visit that could have accommodated 1,000 people.  Obviously word got to Brett on his visit that this was a can’t-miss stop on his tour.

Brett was greeted as anyone would be at the Fotheringham house – a ton of hugs, a beer, and about 160 kisses on the lips (which newcomers to my family will never get used to).  But what brought us together was his first step into their house.  Here is a quote from Brett at the end of his visit, after he walked into my parents’ house, greeted by our screaming kids:

“Communication, if any, is minimal.  And so you, uh…dealing with that, people cannot imagine the stress that it puts you under.  Just constant noise – and it just wears on you.”

Remarkably, Brett and I have continued to keep in touch.  We actually got together during the Vikings bye-week, but he demanded that the kids stay home.  I’m sure that any future encounters will have to be this way as well…

There are only two truths to this story:

  • I truly think the two best teams won today
  • Favre’s quote actually came from him.  However, he was talking about the crowd noise at the Superdome, and not at the Fotheringham house.  Had he ever visited our house, he would have had a few more “choice” words…

  • CLICK HERE to read the SHE SAID VERSION of “Crowd Noise”
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3 Responses to “He Said: “Crowd Noise””
  1. jsp12 says:

    Sorry, Kat. I’m a mom/chick who found this interesting….and endearing.


  2. Lydia B says:

    Sorry. Don’t like sports. Didn’t watch the game, thought I heard that comment on the news and if the Steelers aren’t in the big game I don’t care who’s in. But Dave I thought that was funny. Sorry Kat.


  3. Stephanie says:

    Your site is so fun! I will be back to browse when the kids are napping for sure!


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