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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Keeping Tabs on Your Kids

January 25, 2010 by  

About dinner time last week I hear my 20 month old hollering from the kitchen, whining “Mama, mama, Dora, Dora!”  I’m in the family room, plugging away on my laptop, trying to wrap up the day’s work.

After the repetitive beckoning, I finally succumb to 4th child’s request — and tear myself away from the time-sensitive nature of the work I’m doing. I go to check my iPhone that I so strategically propped up on the kitchen island counter. I left him with conservative Dora to watch on my YouTube App for my iPhone.

I’m thinking, C’Mon, why can’t you just give me a quick 7 minute break and engage in Dora for a few?  What I came to realize was that my toddler’s complaints stemmed from the fact that he SOMEHOW finagled watchingGangsta Dora Gone Bad” (use your imagination – and, no… I’m not kidding).

The icing on the cake was that he was now emailingGangsta Dora Gone Bad” from my iPhone’s email.

Oh, I can hear my mom right now…

And, yes — I concur. I, too, have a feeling “Gangsta Dora Gone Bad” was NOT a Christian website.  Guess I don’t get the medal for Keeping Tabs on your Kids this evening. But I was working… SERIOUSLY!!

Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard there are locks you can put on your iPhone/YouTube account for mischief such as this. I hardly thought I needed to investigate said options, until now.

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3 Responses to “Keeping Tabs on Your Kids”
  1. YIKES!!! Sounds like your kiddo is getting WAY more education on that iphone than you bargained for!!



  2. Oh no! I guess it is pretty easy to get from one youtube video to another. Note to self: Don’t let kids watch youtube.

    P.S. You’ve been named for a couple awards on my blog.


  3. Lily says:

    Oh, I love it!!! Your blog rocks! Yeah, just why I was reading this, a certain lovely two year old had a pee pee accident right next to my chair. I started to ask her why she didn’t ask to go potty, then realized that she probably did and I just didn’t hear her!!! Oh, the morning has started off wonderfully here!


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