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She Said: ” ‘Cause Baby It’s Cold Out(in)side” | Today's Cliche - Marriage, Family, & Working Mommy... from BOTH Women's and Men's Perspectives

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

She Said: ” ‘Cause Baby It’s Cold Out(in)side”

February 18, 2010 by  

Okay, it’s rare that I cry — unless I hear a sad story about a child, or a parent. However, I balled my eyes out last night when I realized what I had done.  It was mortifying; humbling; shocking. Moreover, it was a testament. A testament to the fact that I am officially in over my head.

However, the plot thickens.  I realized last night (but bit my tongue and did not throw in his face) a grave and costly mistake HE HAD made just 2 weeks ago, that also had to do with a utility. Chi chang. And not once had he made this mistake, but three times. Once last year. Twice this year (!). After the first time, I confirmed that this would happen again, and made sure we both fully comprehended that HE would be responsible for taking care of this the following Fall (of ’09). Two months ago, at the first freeze, this happened again. HE said, “I took care of it.” Evidently NOT honey.

When realizing what had happened again, I wanted to call my Dad for advice; however I feared that he’d wonder what freakin’ screw hubby had loose. Every man should know how that you winterize your sprinkler system, and blow out the pipes, BEFORE — not after — the first freeze. Two years in a row (three times, total) I get the ‘knock knock knock’ on the trusty front door from my neighbor who notices the explosion out of my underground pipes. I mean, how embarrassing.

Sweet neighbor says, “Sorry, but just like last year (& 2 months ago) — looks like your pipes burst, and my yard is flooded. Since there’s 1/2 foot of snow on the lawn, I don’t think you’ll be able to get someone out here. I can only imagine what your water bill must look like. How long has this been like this?”

I felt like a freakin’ idiot.  We have no idea. Remember when I was off at a girls’ weekend, while Dave was puking and flu’in with the kids? Well this was right after that. HE hadn’t been out of the house in like 5 days, then the snow hit, so neither had I. We hypothesized several days had passed (and several hundred dollars worth of wasted water), based on the flooding.

Okay, so to fix the sprinkler issue, it’ll cost @ $400 – $500. When I hung up the phone and the gas co.  told me how much it was to reconnect (sons of a b*tches!), I almost lost it. I pleaded with them to please grant me serenity. It was my 1st offense. They cut it in 1/2, but I won’t even tell you how much it’ll still cost to reconnect. Oh, and on Monday, I got a speeding tix for the first time in 10 years (never since I had kids)… won’t tell you that bill, either.

Depressing — due to errors that could have been avoided, we’re paying almost a mortgage payment in consequences. In. One. Month. Of dual screw ups, might I mention.

I mean, prioritizing snuggling with the kids is a major challenge somedays, not to mention getting all the household sh*t done, the kids’ cr*p taken care of, all of the t’s crossed and i’s dotted with my professional responsibilities. I made a mistake. I surrender. But not without surfacing HIS faults — If I’m going down, so is he.

Editor’s Note: It REALLY did suck getting up this morning and getting the kids dressed! Our breath made it look like we were smokin’ ciggies… and it was actually warmer in our front yard than our family room!

CLICK HERE to read HIS VERSION of ” ‘Cause Baby It’s Cold Out(in)side”

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43 Responses to “She Said: ” ‘Cause Baby It’s Cold Out(in)side””
  1. debbie says:

    What rotten luck! I am so sorry you have been hit with all that turmoil and expense.


  2. MandyP says:

    You guys freakin’ crack me up! (Not because you’ve had some enormous set-backs but because of the way you talk about it.) This is stuff that happenes to ALL of us, but you are so out there with it…so we can all laugh knowing that we’ve been there…

    Sorry about your chilly night…hope things get better for you both soon. =)


  3. Jen says:

    Oh that sucks. Here they can’t shut off the utilities like gas and electricity because it gets so cold people would die. I usually let my gas bill ride all winter long because I can. Stupid I know.

    Thankfully we don’t have underground sprinklers because I am sure I would do that every year.


  4. Oh, no!! So sorry to hear about all the bad luck…. I’ve def. been there, but replace the sprinkler debacle with TWO crowns. Groan.

    Remember: That which doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger! 😉 My hubby always says that in the face of adversity and so far, it’s true.


  5. erum says:

    oh dear so sorry to know that you people had to go through so much trouble for a small mistake that nearly all of us commit,its only these bitter experiences that teach us the lessons of our life

    if u have time do check out my last post for the solution of a problem that nearly all women go through REPAIRING YOUR BROKEN LIPSTICK. have a nice day


  6. Lauren says:

    Aw man, that really sucks. I know my cousin’s parents keep their bedroom super cold. I don’t know how they sleep at night…Stopping by from SITS. Hope everything gets better and there are no more mishaps for you and your family.


  7. Jayme says:

    I am so sorry that all of that happened to you. I actually had my water turned off because of a late bill and it just happened to be the same day that my son was all puking on everything. It was not fun. And yes it was my fault that I forgot to pay the water bill.


  8. Emmy says:

    Well sounds like you are even now.. though the sprinkler thing happened a few times so he still owes you 😉

    Sorry about the rough week 🙁


  9. pam says:

    New follower this Friday!


  10. Jennette says:

    Hi, I am following from friday follow!I am following you!
    Stop by and visit me at,


  11. Shannon says:

    Hello! I found your blog through Friday Follow- and I’m so glad I did! Hope lot’s of new people find you as well!

    I’m your newest follower- I’d love if you’d come check out my blog!

    Shannon at:http://www.milkandcuddles.com/


    Kat Reply:

    I love your site, and am going to BlogHer 2010 as well! I commented on your Breastfeeding challenge.


  12. Kristin says:

    What is it about having munchkins that gives you brain farts constantly?


    Kat Reply:

    You are NOT kidding? WTF??!?!


  13. Oh my! This whole situation just sounds way too stressful!!! Hope this week goes better Kat.


  14. joy says:

    Ugh, beyond frustrating! There never seems to be a reasonably priced household expense or fix.

    p.s. Welcome to the SITS community!


  15. Sounds like it’s time to seriously consider not turning the water back on!


  16. LOL. We had our electric turned off once. The hubby forgot to switch the utilities out of the builders name. I absolutely would not call the utility company to get them switched into our names at that point because I was so mortified. What an awful feeling it is to think…shit…the power is off.

    I love how you let him know that you aren’t the only one making an oops. It happens. Except if I put that online, my hubby would be mad…lucky!


  17. They turned off your heat? I didn’t know they could do that! Don’t they give you a warning? Sounds incredibly harsh. I hope you’ve fully recovered by now!


  18. Heather says:

    I am following you from Friday Follow! Please feel free to come visit and follow my blog!


  19. Hi There! Just popping in from Friday Follow to be your newest follower. Hope you can visit me too! Have a great week!

    Bridgette Groschen
    The Groschen Goblins


  20. Laura says:

    I’m finally getting around to stopping by and I am loving the unique format.


  21. Blondie says:

    Ouch…that’s like paying two mortage payments in one month! I’m here from CCWA, lol…I’m a bit of a “blonde” and coudn’t find an entry about your being the featured blogger here! I hope you enjoy your day! I’ve love reading both sides of the “story!”


  22. I’m from CCWA. This is great, 2 sides….LOL


  23. Stopping over from CCWA. I’ve been here before and love the way the two of you discuss issues. This one was great…some relatively serious consequences, so it took some courage to write about it, I’m sure.


  24. 38traci says:

    Hi! I came over from CCWA, I loved what you wrote over there and I love this blog. I’m sure my husband would like a say on my blog every now and then. I think that the alternative perspective is unique and enlightening! I am a happy new follower.

    I’m so sorry to hear that your wallet got walloped and I’m sorry for the cold nights but I am wishing you a warm spring with working sprinklers!


  25. Erin says:

    Hi there! I’m here from CCWA, too, and am your newest follower. Loved your post there and this one is great, too. I keep trying to get my Hubs to post something on my blog/for my blog, but he hasn’t yet…I’m so curious to see what he’d say!

    Hope this all gets worked out soon!


  26. Wow, my husband doesn’t even KNOW about my blog (I, uh… like to vent), let alone write on it… are you brave or what?!!

    I feel for you, and I’m sure I would have bawled too with that kind of crap going on!!

    Congrats on the CCWA feature!! See you again soon 😉


  27. Mesina says:

    OH NO!!! Ok first off all, that sucks. Like bad. I’m feeling for you, I so am!
    We just had a similar experience, in the sense that we suddenly had HUGE bills to fork out while we are ALSO expecting a new arrival in April. We need stuff for the little guy badly – money was in the bank. THEN the friggin car needed repairs that cost us £300 PLUS we had to renew the Tax disc, just short of another £200 – PLUS the cost of the MoT – £40… THEN a surprise trip to Holland for a funeral. Umm. Can I wake up now?!

    Life sucks sometimes and costs A LOT. What say you and me Kat take a vacation?! xx (BTW, love the new banner! 😀 )


  28. Laura Wilson says:

    God! I can’t imagine how did you guys manage to keep the kids warm….


  29. Audrey says:

    You have a great blog!! Thanks so much for visiting mine 🙂 I have grabbed your button and added it to the left sidebar, and I’m also following you.
    Have a great weekend!


  30. Sandy says:

    Welcome to SITS! It’s great to have you in the SITStahood!


  31. Hmmm.. when it rains, it definitely pours. Actually, forget i said that. I don’t want your backyard to get flooded.

    It was great meeting you today. I added you to my blog banner and you are now officially in my tribe. wanna join?



  32. Houses do seem to be quite expensive! I’m sorry you’ve had two unfortunate mistakes 🙁

    Visting to say welcome to SITS!


  33. Jeannie says:

    Yikes!! That doesn’t sound like fun at all! How interesting that the two of you share a blog.

    Welcome to SITS!


  34. Frugal Vicki says:

    If I counted correctly, and I am not all there today so I may not have, that is three, so you are done for awhile, right? Knocking on wood for you!


  35. Karen says:

    We ran into the same problem with our local electricity company in ’09 it was a crazy amount of money that we had to give all at once.

    I completley understand what you must be going through. Stay strong.

    Welcome to SITS =)
    Much Luv,


  36. That sucks! Here’s hoping next time is better!
    Welcome to SITS!


  37. That officially sucks… but I hope the explosion was like the one in the picture because then it might have been worth it… probably not but I’m looking for a bright side… it did make a good post though.


  38. Bill says:

    Next time you have a problem call me first I’ll charge you half. No seriously, I could have fixed
    your sprinkler for you for just parts. You might forget, but I do fix things for a living. Now next time call your older brother to help. I’ll do what I can.


    Kat Reply:

    Actually, I SOOO was gonna call you!! I didn’t wanna bother you though, and felt bad. I’m so going to email you the receipt for what they’re trying to charge me to get it fixed.

    You’re the bomb. Will call you next time!


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