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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Cleaning for the Cleaning Lady – not what you’d expect

February 19, 2010 by  

Okay, I can’t stop giggling to myself. Daughter recently received the below doll as a major reward for a major accomplishment (she also gave me $78 in pennies and nickels toward it; not joking). Herein lays the Parenting lesson: I insist my children pay for a portion of their rewards. I can’t tell you how many toys didn’t make it into the online or in-store shopping cart, after letting them know they will have to contribute to the item. Makes them think twice how badly they want it!

Yesterday: Daughter is so excited for her Daddy to meet her new doll that was delivered from eBay (Err… I mean that I had to stand in line with 5 kids to pick up at the damn Post Office). Line was 50 minutes long! No rest rooms in the building; 3 of the 6 had to pee so bad they couldn’t keep it in — and I wasn’t getting outta line. Insert: Blow my head off now.

Today, 6 am: Daughter runs into the bathroom: “Daddy, meet your new granddaughter!
“. Hubby quivers in fear and drops his razor. He says aloud (which I wish was under her breath as he made daughter tear up), “Oh my God, that’s disgusting!”.  Luckily he chased that comment with “Disgustingly real, honey! I meant disgustingly real!“. Daughter follows with, “She IS NOT disgusting. She came out of my belly yesterday!”

Today, 8 am: I’m leaving the house for the day. As I’m Cleaning for the Cleaning Lady (couple), I couldn’t resist the urge; as hard as I tried. The awesome couple who helps keep my sanity, and house in order [as well as helps to avoid mushrooms from growing from the baseboards (this SERIOUSLY happened to us in 2002)], comes on Fridays. I won’t be home when they arrive, or when they make my bed. SO… I can NOT help from BUSTING OUT the giggles when I try to picture one of them finding this head on my pillow.

Editor’s Note: I’m a photography snob, and apologize in advance for the poor quality images from my iPhone. I was rushing! You should see this thing close up from a real SLR camera… the detail; the wrinkles; her smell… there’s actually what looks like vernix covering her nooks and crannies. And, the hair!

This couple knows me all too well. If I were a betting (wo)man, they will check the pulse to see if she’s real or not; thinking I seriously was babysitting another child, and left her home on accident.

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21 Responses to “Cleaning for the Cleaning Lady – not what you’d expect”
  1. Swirl Girl says:

    OMG! that’s just plain creepy…

    You do have to admit, it is not as ugly as some real newborns, though. Right?


  2. Taryn says:

    LOL!! My daughter got one of those from my Mother in Law a few years back and I still keep it in the box because it is the most creepy doll ever! Love your blog and how hilarious you 2 are! You are so real its refreshing.


  3. Val says:

    We bought a very expensive, very realistic baby once for one of the girls. One of the dogs attacked it and ripped off its arm. It still cried… It was kind of neat… but with the mangled arm, not so much.
    This one is a little weird. The hair looks so real!


  4. Debby says:

    That is so funny. Love the doll. I have a real looking doll but your daughters is really awesome. Who is it made by? Have a great weekend.


  5. Shy says:

    Totally saw the baby doll!! I lifted up the pillow like OMG!! She was rushing and left someone’s baby! Then I realized that it was quite the creepiest real looking fresh out the the womb looking placebo. So I left it there for Ron and he just about WIGGED out too! He said OH SH*T, there’s someone’s baby in the master bed, should we call Kat? I looked @ him and started lmao!! He looked again and moved the pillow and said geez that thing is disgustingly creepy!! LOL!!! Thanks for the laughs!!


  6. Kat says:

    YOU HAVE NOT IDEA, Shy… how HARD I freaking laughed at your post. Tears are flowing down my cheeks… I was SOOO torna bout whether/not to torture you today, but had a wild hair.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that it actually “worked” on you! I was dying when I arrived home… so curious if there was going to be a note, where I’d find the creepiest-looking-fresh-out-of-the-womb-looking-placebo.

    LMAO. I guess laughing is what life’s about, ehh?


  7. Brandi says:

    That doll creeps me out. I think I might have nightmares!


  8. Emmy says:

    Okay the first shot the doll looked kind of cute, the closer you get yeah that dolly is creepy! But totally looks real


  9. okay. this made me laugh so hard I had to come out from hiding and leave a comment. sorry, but I gotta agree with your hubs…that “baby”doll is butt-freaking ugly! I am surprised the couple cleaning your home didn’t have a heart attack upon discovering that troll in your bed. ick.


  10. MandyP says:

    First of all…I wish the cleaning lady we had did a better job. She’s always slouching on her work to be on the computer…haha! Second, I think this doll is so cute! You have to let us know what happened when they found the doll!


  11. Amanda Moore says:

    Wow that baby is Ummm….. Uh very real looking tell your daughter congrats…. LOL. I like your reward and contribute idea I have done similar in the past Contribution = appreciation!


  12. Sarah says:

    Hysterical! (You wanted a comment, that’s all I got. But I enjoyed reading and had a good laugh. But wait… aren’t dolls supposed to be cute?)


  13. I totally have one of those dolls!! We went to NYC last year and I fell in love with them at FAO Schwartz. I told my mom how I had always wanted one growing up, and she bought me one for Christmas last year! She said she wanted to fulfill that dream since she couldn’t afford it back then. Now my 3 yo son uses it as a bad guy when playing with his superhero toys. My poor fake baby is now a villain…beaten and abused. THEY ARE SO REAL THOUGH!!! It’s crazy how they smell, you are so right. Loved the story! Your husband sounds just like mine!! He would’ve said the exact same thing.


  14. I love that you make the kids pitch in on the cost. That is a great way to get them to appreciate what they have and hopefully take better care of their things. I have 3 boys and we did the same thing. Stopping by from Friday Follow!


  15. What a creepy looking doll!!! I know this is an older post but what did the cleaning couple thing? Nice blog, thanks for dropping by.


  16. Honey says:

    I am glad that I was not the cleaning lady! I don’t think there is anything wrong with those dolls for young girls, what I find a tad creepy is grown woman buying them and pretending that they are real babies.



  17. That is disgusting! I’ve never seen anthing like that before (other than a real baby of course) it looks too real. I don’t think I could have that in my house.

    How tempted are you to pull a similar stunt with this doll on other people – actually I bet you already have!

    Thanks for making me laugh so hard my coffee came out of my nose – wish I hadn’t read this at work now.

    PS. @Honey – OMG do you think adults really buy these for themselves that is really creeping me out now.


  18. CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPY!!! However, having your child pay a portion toward her reward is GENIUS! We just had a lesson at Claire’s yesterday about not buying things simply to spend money…and she seems to have learned it!! HOORAY!

    I love you for leaving that for the cleaning couple to find. This makes you impossibly AWESOME.


  19. Marie Cole says:

    Disgusting is right, I am sooo with your hubby…..Great story though on how your daughter delivered the news to him. 🙂


  20. Becky says:

    I’ve seen those baby dolls before and they creep me out a little. They didn’t have those kind around when my daughter was little. And I would have loved to have seen their reaction!!!

    Happy SITS Day!!


  21. Oh, barf that thing is SICK. Sooooo gross. I absolutely love that it came out of your daughter’s belly yesterday. Funny all around. Happy SITS day 🙂


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