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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

All My Worlds Come Together

February 20, 2010 by  

Kat and I are spending the evening together catching up.  The bad news is that we are catching up on work we have to do for this darn site.  The good news is that we are catching up over cocktails at Wine 101 in Wake Forest, NC. This place has free wireless internet, weekend tastings, and a TV, but more importantly has one of the best beer and wine selections you can find.

We were able to bang out a post, a few thoughts, a couple of tweaks to the site, all while buying a few samples from their “taste machine.”  Just heard about a New Belgium tasting that will be held in the next few weeks.  i will no doubt do some recruiting and have a small entourage for that little event.

Wine 101 can be your “everything” – a getaway with a laptop and a pinot noir, a starter for a guys’ night out,  a pit stop before a dinner out with friends, or a store staffed by beer & wine experts to steer you in the right direction, regardless of your palate or budget.

It’s 6:30, our sitter’s had the kids for 3 hours, with (at least) 3 more hours to go. I’ve discovered Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, and Kat is already starting to ramble (Pink Persecco is working its magic).  Life is good…

Would love to hear about YOUR not-so-secret slam-dunk establishment.  Feel free to post away – if it’s as good as advertised, I’m sure they would love the publicity.

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2 Responses to “All My Worlds Come Together”
  1. Cristina says:

    Hey Dave,

    Not so much a slam dunk…but considering we are sans babysitter in the evenings, it works for us. In NYC, there is a restaurant called Houstons, you know that chain, I’m sure. Well in NYC they changed it to Hillstone, not sure if they did the same everywehre else. Just the name changed nothing else. In any event, there is one in my building where I work, so whenever there is a half day, like before a 3 day weekend. The hubs, Mike, comes up and meets me for a drink – I always get the cranberry vodka and he always gets a beer – the spinach artichoke dip, which, hello – BEST EVER! and for a little while (2-3 hours) we down about 2 drinks – I’m a light weight – talk about our day and pretend, for a little while that we’re still dating. Then we stumble our tispy butts to Grand Central (14 blocks) and I pass out on the train ride home, mouth open and all.

    So sexy.



  2. Debby says:

    That sounds like a perfect way to blog.


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