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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Not Me! Monday

February 22, 2010 by  

Not Me!Monday was born out a MckMama’s desire to admit some of her imperfections and reveal a few moments she’d rather forget. I found it therapeutic to join in on Mondays.

Here I Go:

I did not, as of last week, officially fail MISERABLY at every New Years Resolution I made.

I did not just try to make myself not sound like a complete failure and reference last week as the pinnacle moment. The date was more like January 3rd, but who’s keeping track?

I did not just pinch the roll of skin on my belly in public and *sigh*, asking myself why in the hell I finished off 2 baskets of chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant y’day with the fam. Not to mention that I ordered a 2nd margarita with hubs, to chase it down (after I already had to unbutton the pants). Ahh… the things we do to help up relax (aka – deal with 4 kids at a restaurant!).

I did not watch out the window as my whole neighborhood came out of the woodworks y’day, due to the outta-nowhere-spring-day. Yep, said “Oh, I should be running right now” — only to turn around and plop my as% back down on the chair and flip back open laptop. Once you have 6,893 calories to burn off from one meal, a 4 mile run ain’t gonna cut it.

I did not yell at hubs this morning for giving daughter one more empty threat of: “If you keep that attitude up… we’re taking E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G AWAY FROM YOU — AND, NOT LETTING YOU DO A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G ever again!!!” [Editor’s note: He says that about 2x a day, 6 days a week. I don’t admit to having this whole parenting down completely… but I do know you have to FOLLOW THROUGH WITH realistic consequences. I’m sure she laughs her as$ off under her breath, KNOWING she got away with it for the 1,682nd time — knowing Daddy never follows through!]

I did not growl under my breath when I realized that the sitter didn’t do the one simple thing I asked of her. Believe me, I stress to her the importance of the kids being the #1 priority and focusing just on them, while they’re awake. But once they’re down for the night, from time to time — and only “after” the kids go to bed — I might ask the sitter to do something SUPER simple.

What was she doing for the 3 hours after they were sleeping, while she was on the clock, and we were paying her our hard earned cash? I don’t get this generation!?! I never sat down when I babysat until all dishes were done, entire house was tidy, and any special requests were carried out to the nth degree (DID YOU??). I took my job very seriously when I babysat… they just don’t get it these days!

It also urks me when sitter ‘pretends’ she was slaving away the entire time (meanwhile, I know she jumps up the minute she hears garage door open and pretends to have been doing the simple request for 3 hours). Do I look that dumb?

PS – I LOVE LOVE LOVE my sitter (!). She adores my children, and has an incredible love for them. They love her, too. I know that’s the most important thing… and, I know — stop complaining! I think it’s more the comparison of what I used to do, vs. what all sitters “don’t do” these days.

Anyone else have similar frustrations with their sitter?

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5 Responses to “Not Me! Monday”
  1. MandyP says:

    I wish we had a sitter. My mother-in-law is it for us and , darn it, she has a life of her own–a busier social calendar than we do–and it really gets in the way of our plans. =)


  2. Emmy says:

    Love it! And hey, if running isn’t going to take it all off why try? 😉

    That is annoying with the babysitter.. especially when they are getting paid just to sit there.


  3. happy says:

    That’s why she’s known as A baby SITTER 🙂


  4. Ally says:

    I was the golden sitter – did the dishes, laundry, housework – then I fell asleep watching tv (after the kids were in bed, of course). I knew how to score brownie points!

    And I’m so with you on the Mexican food. Why do I need to eat TWO baskets of chips BEFORE my dinner comes? And have TWO margaritas? But it’s SO good!


  5. Laura says:

    Living overseas, I always miss America’s Mexican restaurants! The chips with the red spicy tomato salsa… my mouth is watering!

    I could easily eat a full basket. I have, come to think of it.


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