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Getting 2 Know Me B4 Bloggy Boot Camp | Today's Cliche - Marriage, Family, & Working Mommy... from BOTH Women's and Men's Perspectives

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Getting 2 Know Me B4 Bloggy Boot Camp

March 2, 2010 by  

Alright, alright. For those non-bloggers out there, enough from the Peanut Factory about me going to a Blogging Convention (Twitter: #bloggybootcamp). I can hear the sarcasm under your breath.  Whatever!

For my fellow Bloggers, and those I’m going to meet — another fellow blogger did a vlog about random things about her. Since I can’t stand my voice, or seeing my face on screen, the written prose (vs. video montage) will have to do!

6 things you may not know about me:

  1. I lost a friend, who rapidly become one of my best, while in traveling and studying abroad in India. We were co-anchors on the ship’s on-air news show that we had launched w/a small group of peers.  I met Jenna Druck on Semester at Sea over 14 years ago, and not one day has gone by that I haven’t thought about her. My parents didn’t know for 4 days whether I was alive or not, as they heard the news of the crash from CNN.  Being that we were in a 3rd world country, and living on a ship when we weren’t shore-side, the communication — as you can imagine —  wasn’t what it should have been. She is forever in my heart and soul, and I carry a piece of her wherever I go. I just can’t help but imagine why I wasn’t on that bus with her, as I had planned to be. You can find out about what an impact Jenna made before, and after, her death by clicking here

  2. This one will actually be a shock to close friends and family alike: last summer, I was baptized by full immersion in Falls Lake, NC. So many reasons led me to this decision; this was a choice that has changed my life.  

  3. My reasons for heading to Baltimore are two-fold:
    A. To meet you ridiculously witty, savvy, intelligent, NORMAL, and relatable women
    To know who the hell I’m tweeting with! To decide if I want to spend 5 waking hours a day commenting on your blogs (!). Just jagging there (sort of).
    B. To spend time with 2 of my best friends: my sister, and my mom. Sister lives @ 20 minutes south of Baltimore. She’ll be watching my rugrats while I’m engaging w/all of you. My mom is currently undergoing a Clinical Trial for breast cancer at the Nat’l Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD. Shame on you, cancer (!). Anywho, the days/nights surrounding the convention, I pray that mom will be strong enough for me — and possibly the kids — to see her.

  4. This is no secret, but I love my happy hours! I’d much rather have a few libations early in the evening, and call it an early night vs. stay up late. However, since I need to drive back to sis’ Sat. night (and I won’t be able to resist the temptation of not throwing back a few with you even if I just go to dinner with you all), I sadly will be absent that night! Rats! How about Screwdrivers or Bloody’s with lunch? Tiffany? Can we make this happen? That would give me enough time to work it outta my system!

  5. I worked on a cruise ship as a Port Lecturer (not related to Semester at Sea), and the gift from that experience was meeting (another one of) my very best friends, JD. My meeting her was by NO means coincidental. God had His hand in this, for certain!  This career stint was nothing short of challenging; both physically and emotionally. Working as a consultant on a cruise ship is NOT all it’s kicked up to be. However, I was paid to travel to exotic locations, and the majority of my travel was on 14 day cruises at sea through the Panama Canal. Can you tell I love traveling the ocean?  

  6. I pray often, and I pray hard. Most days I pray so hard it actually hurts. Every day I pray for children who are in harms way, without parents, and for my mom’s strength, peace, and comfort during this Trial. Please add us to your prayer list if you have one! 

Kat’s Twitter is: todayscliche

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12 Responses to “Getting 2 Know Me B4 Bloggy Boot Camp”
  1. Shell says:

    Great list! Can’t wait to meet you!


  2. Looking forward to meeting you at Boot Camp!


  3. So disappointed I won’t be able to meet you there. Maybe next year? So sorry about your friend. I lost a friend too and agree not a day goes by. Too funny about spending 5 hours a day tweeting to people we don’t even know! Good wishes to your mom. If I were there I would do lunch happy hour with you 😉 Anyway, have a great time! Can you feel my jealousy vibes yet 🙂


  4. MandyP says:

    Girl, we have GOT to meet! So cool about your baptism!


  5. Thanks so much for participating! I envy you and your passport! I’m hoping that someday I’ll get the chance to cross off travel destinations from my ever growing list.


  6. Great list. Look forward to meeting you!!!


  7. This is such an awesome post! I’m looking forward to meeting you even more now! And I’m with you on the whole happy hour thing!


  8. Danielle says:

    I am really looking to forward to meeting you! Anyone that suggests Bloody’s or Screwdrivers with lunch is someone I want to befriend!


  9. I CANNOT WAIT TO MEET YOU!!! and my last post was a BloggyBootCamp bio, too! I can’t believe it’s in 2 days!!!


  10. happy says:

    This is Kat’s Mom and you all sound like so much fun that I may have to get to Happy Hour myself if Kat can’t make it!
    I’m doing well!
    Many of my best friends are people I’ve met on the internet over the last 25 years! We’ve all met multiple times and are always in touch with each other..


  11. Carabee says:

    Amazing post! I’m so excited for this weekend. Can’t wait to meet you!


  12. If we serve Screwdrivers and Bloody Mary’s with lunch there will be no afternoon portion of the conference!

    Such interesting stuff- my mom works for Princess- we must talk cruise lingo.

    See you soon!


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