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Kat's the Featured Writer at "Comment Crack Whores Anonymous"! | Today's Cliche - Marriage, Family, & Working Mommy... from BOTH Women's and Men's Perspectives

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Kat’s the Featured Writer at “Compulsive Comment Worshippers Anonymous” Today!

March 3, 2010 by  

I am the Featured Writer today for C.C.W.A. (Compulsive Comment Worshippers Anonymous).

I was asked to write a confessional about how I became addicted to giving — and needed/wanting to receive — comments on Today’s Cliche.


How I became — and why I am 100% sure those non-bloggers cannot understand why I am — an anonymous comment whore (who, btw, has never smoked crack), is still beyond me.

Cliff Notes Version of my problem:
I’m a compulsive comment worshipper because EvErYtHiNg I do, I do 1000%. None of this “I’ll meet’cha 1/2 way crap.

– Got engaged after 8 months. Knew what I wanted.

– Wanted to start blogging. Paid way too much to have site look exactly as I wanted. Should’ve jumped to Blogger first, and worked on a free template. Nope, dove right in.

– When all of my friends studied abroad in LondonI had to make an entire circle around the globe and study mainly in 3rd world countries. Years later, wanted to get paid to travel, so hopped on several cruise ships as a Port & Shopping Lecturer.

– First week of sinking my teeth into Twitter, I don’t just spend a few minutes on Twitter, I spend HOURS. When I first got on Facebook, I didn’t just spend a few minutes on there, I spent HOURS. When I got my first comment, I didn’t just spend a minute heading over to commenter’s site and glancing, I spent HOURS diving in and returning the comments.

Well, maybe not hours. But how do other Members of CCWA spend your time? I need therapy!  Admittedly, I think I’m getting a complex. CLEARLY I’m doing something wrong because I still am receiving 500% LESS comments on my Blog than other blogs that are similar. Help!

Kiss it Goodbye:
I think when you dive into the social media world, kiss all family, household, and being
even close to on time commitments BYE BYE. You get sucked in. Sucked in so badly that you don’t care if your child has been sitting in a diarrhea diaper for 8 minutes, or 8 hours. You‘re hungry (in my case, thirsty), and your bloggy friends fill you up (with wine — not WHINE, like my children). If you aren’t done with your bloggy fix for the day, he or she is just gonna have to wait.

I’ve served more Mac N Cheese since I started tweeting and blog commenting than our Harris Teeter sells in one year.

And, as you can see from this post — I’m not a fan of boxed meals. It’s the only thing I can make at 7 pm when I realize I just commented and Tweeted thru dinnertime (and the kids screaming, “mommy, I’m starving” didn’t serve as a hint)!

Commenting Etiquette (or lack thereof):
Started blogging @ Thanksgiving, 2009. Initially I didn’t realize commenting etiquette and probably put myself back 6 months because of it [sorry if I offended anyone along the way, or if you officially put a red X next to my name ;-(]. Please tell me I’m not the only one who started off with, “Loved your post about x,y and z. Please visit my site, I’m sure you’ll love it”.  Can you say “Loser”?

I’m gonna write a letter to the Chief Technology Officer of WordPress and Blogger, and mandate that they have a pop up window that can smell a newbie, and have it say, “WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT SAY THE FOLLOWING IN A FELLOW BLOGGER’S COMMENT SECTION [insert examples here]”

Time Management (of lack thereof):
Let’s just talk about the lack of freakin’ time management.  Anyone else torn about what, and where, and with whom to spend your (already, ludicrously limited) time?

  • Behind the scenes in your Admin Panel (operations)?
  • Finding new widgets that consume 1/2 a day just to figure out (“Honey, I said I’ll be RIGHT THERE! I’m doing something for work!! Can’t you unload climb into the cabinets, find your medicine, measure it, and administer it yourself?)
  • Promoting your site to potential advertisers
  • Identifying new opportunities for PR
  • Researching content…
  • The sad reality of ACTUALLY having to write the darn content
  • Or, drumroll, please…. COMMENTING!!

The commenting typically gives you the biggest return, the warmest heart, and a hugely needed (on most days) ego boost. However, often it’s not instant gratification… which is what I seek all-too-often. I still plug away at it, though!

Why (not) Me?
I wanna be on everyone’s “my favorite blogs” list, just as Ree at
Pioneer Woman,  Heather (heart her) at Theta Mom, and Kat (heart her) at Mama Kat’s Losin It are. Wah, wah, wah. I see that Crystal (heart her) at Wanna Be Balanced Mom and Shell (heart her) at Things I Can’t Say are gaining serious momentum. To say I am thrilled for their following is an understatement. Genuinely excited. And then there are newer blogs that are fresh out of the gates who I just adore, connect with, and want to have sleepovers with – namely Mandy at Random Thoughts and Kelly Jo at Typing One Handed. But, like mine, the newer ones are just that — newer. And, I’m impatient.

What am I doing wrong? I just feel like I’m missing something. I don’t have all of the time in the world to comment — I barely have 2 minutes a day. I’m just shocked that even those blogs that aren’t so great are getting EXPONENTIALLY more comments than I am receiving. I’m missing a puzzle piece.

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24 Responses to “Kat’s the Featured Writer at “Compulsive Comment Worshippers Anonymous” Today!”
  1. Heather says:

    We’re supposed to make something other than mac n cheese for supper? Crap. My kids have been living on it since I started blogging 4 years ago. Ok, not really, I’ve found other just as easy to make meals, like ramen noodles. 🙂

    Twitter killed me at first man, I was on it non-stop. What do you mean Twitter isn’t supposed to be a big huge chat room? I think they are wrong. I’ve uh – downed the number of updates that are sent to my cell now. It only buzzes every 5 minutes instead of every 5 seconds.

    Happy CCWA day!


  2. Blondie says:

    Congrat’s again! Lol… I posted my congrat’s to you in another one of your posts because I couldn’t find this one! Sorry about that! Have a great day!


  3. You are doing an amazing job!!! See, to me, you ARE one of those amazing bloggers that are admired and beloved. You’re in my favorite’s list, and you are doing a fantastic job. Kat, if you just keep being YOU, the comments will come. Just always be true to who YOU are, and be truthful in your writing. You’re a rockstar…or should I say, blogstar!!


  4. Hi Kat!

    Congratulations on being selected Feature Writer for the C.C.W.A. website! I’m very new to their site and now yours as well (thanks C.C.W.A.). 🙂

    From an outsider looking in (and a newbie to your site) I think the reason you aren’t getting as many comments as you would like is because you have A LOT of content on your site. Now this isn’t a bad thing – I just so happen to really love your layout, images, and content. But to a person who has never been on your site before I think its a bit overwhelming. I had a hard time finding this post so that I could comment to your C.C.W.A. write up (and see the persons comment above this one for further proof).

    I mean no disrespect to you or your website. There’s no doubt that you are very dedicated to it and pour countless hours into its maintenance. Not to mention it’s SUPER cute! The only reason that I can see why people are not commenting as much as you would like them to is just that they don’t know where to begin. 🙂 Perhaps I’m wrong, but it’s just an observation.

    I hope this helps and I really hope others respond to your question. It will be interesting to hear another persons perspective as well.

    Cheers to you, your website, and the fact that you LOVE comments as much as I do! (((hugs)))


    Kat Reply:

    Seriously GREAT observations!! I think I need to move up my “Recent Posts” Widget (on right hand column). Did you not know where to find that? I didn’t take ANY of that as disrespect… at ALL!

    I think the MAIN problem, also, is that 90% of my readers are NON bloggers, and they don’t understand the importance OF comments. THoughts about this?

    Heading to your site now. Thanks soo much for your time!!

    Cheers, Kat


  5. Shell says:

    Aw, aren’t you the sweetest thing?

    Hope you get your addition fed.

    Just one *tiny* suggestion. When you do a he said/she said…could you somehow combine it into one post? Or have them be together somehow? I have a hard time reading multiple posts on the same blog in one day, though that might just be me.


  6. Hey, Kitty Kat! I have to agree….if you don’t know where to look, you can’t find the posts that were recently written. If there someway to display them on the front page? I think you will get more comments then!


  7. Emmy says:

    Your site is great! And don’t worry, with a little more time I think you will be more famous then you know what to do about.
    And I agree with Shell.. more than one post a day definitely will lead to people just not being able to keep up and not commenting. They might be reading but they have 3 other new posts to read so will probably only comment on one of them.
    And I definitely got more followers and people that comment by commenting on other’s sites. And if someone comments on my site I for sure try and go visit them and comment on their site, if not even reply in an email to them.


  8. Mike says:

    I hear you barking: Kit, when you said “I think the MAIN problem, also, is that 90% of my readers are NON bloggers, and they don’t understand the importance OF comments” … is very true. I know it is for me (your blog is the only one i read!). I have thoughts/laughs/reactions but never any time to type them up. But I’ll try to throw in my 2 cents every now and again for the cause!


  9. Ally says:

    Great post! Congrats on being the featured writer. I get totally sucked in! And when I refrain, I worry that my followers and those I follow will think I’m blowing them off!


  10. Lydia B says:

    I too am a newbie to reading a blog. In fact yours is it. Most of the time I am getting it on my Blackberry which is not like looking at it on the computer. Everyday I wait for it. And pray it doesn’t come through when I’m on the road. When I park I hurry up and read it. Then off to my next appointment. I will make an effort to comment more. A little intimidated to leave a note. But Kat I love your site, your writing and your humor. (Don’t tell him but Dave’s too) Your hard work shows. Thank You


  11. Steph says:

    Hey Kat, I’m your newest follower, hopping over from CCWA, I agree with Lee. Also one of the ways that I have really built up my followers is participating in some of the MEME’s. I have met so many amazing Bloggers who truely love commenting and getting comments. I’m totally addicted too, I had my laptop with me all last week while my husband was in the hospital. He was all drugged up and I couldn’t do anything anyway so I read and commented, it was the only thing that kept me sane!


  12. Laura says:

    Well first I’m excited that we both found each other through CCWA and thank you Lee! I do agree that when I first came here I wasn’t sure where to find the most recent post. Though that being said I absolutely love the site design, however I do think somehow directing new visitors to the most recent posts by the both of you could help new people comment.


  13. Crystal says:

    Oh man, I seriously LOVE everything about this post, haha, first of all, thank you for the kind words 🙂 And second of all, I can relate in EVERY way, I just got done writing my thoughts on blogging and how it is so time consuming (I’m posting it next week :)). So, I’m glad you shared your feelings about this as well, you’re so awesome, and I just love you! I want to have a slumber party, haha. I was just thinking about how much I loved sleep overs when I was younger, so much fun!
    Anyway, I’ve just decided to cut back a bit on blogging, and try not to get so consumed with the whole thing. My blog is about balance, and found that my blog was actually putting everything in my life off balance. I’m just trying to figure out how I can continue, without everything else in my life going to pot.


  14. Mama Kat says:

    Patience grasshopper.

    Keep working on your blog. Focus on your content, visit your friends blogs, read blog tips blogs such as ProBlogger, and keep forging ahead. You’re doing great!

    And oh my LAWD!!! TWO MORE DAYS!


  15. Love this…as usual. You know I regularly follow your posts and have your blog on my favorites list. I think you are doing really great, and I hope to do as well. I so agree with time management and lack thereof. I need to find a way to balance blogging and life. I first found myself way too addicted (still do at times). I have only been blogging since mid January and still have so much to learn, but sometimes say I have more important issues to deal with (aka family). Problem is, then you fall way behind in the blogging world. But, then I ask myself, why does that matter? Cause we are all so caught up in being a big blogger. Playgroupsarenoplaceforchildren had a great post on this recently. I guess it depends on how you look at it and what you really want out of it. Congrats on your post!


  16. Tara says:

    now you’re getting a lot of comments and great feedback from people that know what you’re talking about. just remember the little people when you become famous and remember.. i’m going on the today show with you:)


  17. Honesty is the best policy! Great job on guest posting. I am not new to blogging but my blog is new. I used to blog about deeper personal issues, then it morphed into crafts/sewing and I didn’t want to morph it again. So I began a new blog with a sole focus on cooking and my journey to learn authentic and traditional Italian cooking, on my own. With a subject like that, I can’t avoid cooking dinner each night. I will be following you.


  18. Angel says:

    Ok I just passed 100 followers. I seriously did a happy dance. I would dance even harder if they all actually came by and commented every day, or fall out from heart failure one lol.. I like who I like, I don’t do the clique thing. I don’t participate in a set carnival each week and I try to avoid doing them every day. I have blogged on everything from religion to bipolarism. I can make ya laugh or I can make ya cry it all depends on my mood and what I think needs to be told or said. But I have decided that I like me, and if everyone else doens’t agree then I am fine with that.. Oh yeah and I have this nasty disorder called typing dyslexia.. it is horrid for making words like THE come out TEH and it drives me batty. I usually comment in the mornings when I am getting the kids off to school, do some housework. Come back midday and comment. and then again when kids are in bed. Unless they are just otherwise occupied and then I might take a break and comment on some people’s stuff. I am as addicted to giving as I am receiving but good bloggers know that life happens and everyone can not be there everyday..


  19. Alicia says:

    I agree with fellow readers, I think you should definitely move the recent posts up! That would make my day =) I love your blog, and that would definitely help. You’re doing a great job!


  20. Kat, you never fail to make me smile! With a blog as awesome as yours, it will be taking off in no time! Just keep doing what your doing and the readers are gonna keep coming!


  21. I’m a few days late on my commenting but I’M HEERRE! I totally hear ya with the “all or nothing” form of OCD (as I call it) as I totally suffer from it as well. Which is why I’m sitting at work with my feet up typing on my laptop commenting on a blog (I slept here so I give myself some cred). I’m relatively new with blogging so I have no idea about commenting etiquette… writing really long comments that say nothing is probably wrong isn’t it? I have faith you won’t block me though… I promise you don’t have to check out my blog 🙂 (and Mac and Cheese is totally a sound supper choice… I stand behind that)


  22. Theta Mom says:

    Girl I read the post at CCWA but I didn’t realize you posted it here!!!!! Thanks for the shout out and all of these points – spot on!



  23. Charlotte says:

    Ladies, hoping to be a reasonably lady without delay, don’t lazy, do not
    stingy, spending some money and time on dressing


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