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She Said: “Back in the Saddle” | Today's Cliche - Marriage, Family, & Working Mommy... from BOTH Women's and Men's Perspectives

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

She Said: “Back in the Saddle”

March 9, 2010 by  


Okay, although hubby’s bullet points werent’ exactly on cue, when I pictured Dave heading to the gym this weekend, for the 1st time in 1/2 a year, I ADMIT IT!!! I did picture the Chris Farley scene in “Tommy Boy” where he sucks in his belly and asks “Is the gym this way?

Picture courtesy of FitSugar.co

I think Anne Nonymous said it best when she said “or that the dimples on my face would migrate south and take up permanent residence on my a&s.”  From the outside, you all tell me I look fit.  All I have to say is that everything is relative. Blah; how cliche.

Bet’cha haven’t seen me naked (a line I use way too often).  I’ve never felt like my butt was literally following me like a dark shadow down an alley. Fortunate for me, I still look about the same — WITH CLOTHES ON, that is. The only reason I wear tight jeans 7 days a week is to suck it all in. To make my thighs feel toned; thick; strong. Joe’s designer jeans certainly do the trick somedays to give into this mirage (!).

Epiphany: I used to be an avid runner. Until this past November. Hmmm… ironically, I believe I stopped running the exact the day that I started this blog: Nov. 24th, 2009. Nah, no connection there, I’m sure.

The blogosphere has completely sucked me in. I’m now realizing that by working to grow my blog is consequently ONLY growing the circumference of my thighs.

Yeah, yeah… those who know me are thinking whatevah, Kat.

Let me restate: everything is relative. You may think just because I’m smaller now than I was in college (praise THE LORD!!) that I have no worries. Back IN college, I didn’t even THINK about what I looked like (that is, until, the worst-boyfriend ever insisted that I do). You probably think that I never have to worry about what I eat. Whether I work out or not. Go through 10 different outfits before I find the one that’s “just right”.  You’re crazy if you think that. Everything is relative. To go from tight and fit — to mushy, mushy, mushy — is hard. I tried to just look away, but I think I’m gonna do something about it.

What I am realizing after a weekend away at a conference RE: blogging is that I need more BALANCE in my life instead of working, working, working, changing poop, doing dishes, cathartically windexing the windows, happy hour, happy hour, happy hour, chiropractor, pediatrician, eat, eat, eat, drink, drink, drink, pray, pray, pray, type, type, type, worry, worry, worry, hug, hug, and kiss my kids and hubby!  More concentration is needed on the praying, hugging and kissing… and I know it! Second priority is getting my sorry as& back on the pavement and running again.

Back in the saddle, baby.

Now who’s gonna hold this sorry as& responsible? I need an accountability partner, please!!


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11 Responses to “She Said: “Back in the Saddle””
  1. Michele says:

    I lost weight when my daughter did ballet, and gained when she stopped, so I blame her completely.

    The truth? When she did dance (four+ hours at a time, five days a week), I’d drop her off and head over to the gym, where I’d spend two hours working my own butt off–literally. When she quit, I ended my gym membership. (The gym was half an hour away, so why justify an hour round-trip plus having to find something for her to do while I work out, right?)

    She stopped dancing just before I started blogging.

    So, yeah, who is going to hold **my** heinie accountable? Who is going to make me choose working out over posting?

    Balance? If you figure out how to do it, will you let me know…please?!?!?!


  2. MandyP says:

    First of all…how did you get that disgusting photo of me…and second of all…I SO NEED AN ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER!!!!! I keep falling off the Weight Watchers wagon and have not been back to the gym or on the treadmill since I irritated my leg/hip/knee when I was training for a half marathon several months ago. I so badly WANT To do it, but how to get motivated and STAY motivated??? Also, for ME…4 kids 4 and under are not the easiest (or the cheapest) to take care of while at the gym.


  3. THanks for stopping by and checking out my posts today. I totally feel you with the whole blogging thing. I feel a new addiction coming on. I am not even sure where my children are as I type this…(J/K of course!). Someone needs to get my butt in gear too. Summer’s coming…


  4. Such an awesome post & blog! So glad I found you through SITS – welcome!


  5. You’ll totally be able to do it! You have motivation and you’re ready!

    I’d be on board for accountability partner next week. This week I’m battling a raging sinus infection/fever situation. But I work out 5 days a week, so I’m in your corner!


  6. Amanda Moore says:

    Funny, you do get sucked in by blogging I am lucky my girls are 15 and 18 so I am filling the empty time they Don’t need me with my blog. I read your article on CCWA and had to laugh I had just added you to my feed read when it first came out but had to take some time off while my mother was in hospice care but know I have the time to come by more often! Now I am gonna go check out the link for those jeans that suck everything in that you posted!!LOL


  7. hotpants™ says:

    I still look the same after two kids with clothes on. Underneath the clothes, things aren’t as “tight” as they used to be. Frustrating!

    Welcome to SITS.


  8. Ally says:

    It is relative. And I hate it when people say “Oh you’re so thin, you don’t need to do anything.” Well, a) that’s not for you to judge, and b) just cause it’s not LARGE around, doesn’t mean it’s fit and firm and healthy. And yes, blogging has replaced my workouts on many a day. Guilty as charged. And on that note, I’m headed for the bedroom to change into running clothes….


  9. Jen says:

    In the summer it isn’t quite so bad because I get outside and leave the blog for days at a time. The winter has not been kind to my ass. I can feel it spreading, along with my thighs, as I type this.


  10. Great! I so agree with you- I could’ve written this post myself. Dimples and all…sigh.



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  1. Back in the saddle…

    Okay, although hubby’s bullet points werent’ exactly on cue, when I pictured Dave heading to the gym this weekend, for the 1st time in 1/2 a year, I ADMIT IT!!! I did picture the Chris Farley scene in “Tommy Boy” where he sucks in his belly and asks “I…

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