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Note 2 Self: Psycho Pic Issues, Kids’ Hygiene (or lack thereof) | Today's Cliche - Marriage, Family, & Working Mommy... from BOTH Women's and Men's Perspectives

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Note 2 Self: Psycho Pic Issues, Kids’ Hygiene (or lack thereof)

March 16, 2010 by  

And NOT of me; of TAKING the perfect pic

(For those who may not know, "Crocs" are forbidden in our schools here)


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13 Responses to “Note 2 Self: Psycho Pic Issues, Kids’ Hygiene (or lack thereof)”
  1. I love that you post your mama thoughts on post-it notes! Too funny! I think I let go of my mama obsessions with the birth of each kid…so by the time I got to number 5, just as long as they have clothes on, I’m good. Actually, I think I’ve let it go so much, my older kids now inform me when pants are becoming floods, or toes are being scrunched into shoes! They have picked up the torch for me!


  2. Hilarious! I’ve never understood moms who are obsessed with their kids being perfect and buy them expensive, fancy clothes. They’re kids – it’s not like anybody cares what they look like!


  3. Jenners says:

    I hear you on the “not so nice” school clothes. The other day, my son wore one black sock and one blue sock (my fault … I put them together because I was folding laundry in a dim light situation), then his pants were too short. He looked sooooo gooby. But he is 5 so he can still pull it off.


  4. Harriet says:

    School clothes and play clothes- that’s right 🙂

    Enjoy your day!


  5. Tracie says:

    I remember school clothes and play clothes, but since my school required dresses, I was more than happy to change into some pants when I came home!!

    Homeschooling cuts out the need for all this nonsense…..you just need pajamas and school pajamas and after school pajamas (kidding…..sort of!)


  6. We totally had school clothes and play clothes. Now that I’m a mom I realize that I need to give my mom a big “thank you” for all the extra laundry caused by the extra wardrobe changes!

    Stopping by from Supah Mommy! Happy Tuesday!


  7. Nunya Bidness says:

    “Puerto Rican shower”? I don’t know that I’m completely familiar with that euphemism. Could you explain?


    Jennifer Lopez


  8. Shell says:

    My son almost CRIED at kindergarten orientation when he found out that he can’t wear crocs to school next year. Crocs save me from having to find socks for my kids!

    Hey- do you ever take your kids to the children’s museum up there? I’m thinking of making a trip up soon as a treat for my boys. Even though they are super LOUD, too.


  9. MandyP says:

    I know that when I can’t remember when their last shower was that it’s time for another! That’s pathetict, I know. It’s much more often in the summer, but in the winter, they don’t DO anything…


  10. Tara says:

    loved those post-it’s… let me clear some things up for you and for others that may not know you very well. Your beautiful children are so “EFFIN” loud.. as you put it cause YOU are so “EFFIN” loud. not in a bad way.. but you are. as children we could definitely compete in this category but as adults and especially since the birth of your first child… you blow me away where this is concerned.
    Secondly, you will not ever stop obsessing over the perfect picture… i never do. it drives me nuts and makes me want to sedate the children and dangle lollipops in front of their faces in order to get them to sit still long enough to take the perfect picture… i, however, think that we both take pretty darn amazing pics… i know you do for sure so try to stop obsessing!!!i know, easier said than done.
    Why does the battery die, film run out, memory fill up, yada… yada… everytime we need it the most… i think it must just be a hereditary thing. even tho its the most important thing to us, we leave it til the last minute when it should be the first thing we check. then, i will ABSOLUTELY OBSESS over the fact that i missed THAT MOMENT IN TIME and that i will never be able to get it back…obsession over such things usually lasts days depending on what i missed. you.. are WAYYYYYYYYYYY more organized than me and can multi0task better than anyone i know.. hence the hereditary excuse..i just can’t think of a better reason!! keep up the good work kit-e-kat. xoxo


  11. kelley says:

    LOL.. you rebel! We had school/ play clothes too and we alwasy wanted to be in the other…funny. Im sure we drove our ma nutz!


  12. Yup~my camera ALWAYS has an issue right when I need it the most. This actually happened to me just the other day at my daughter’s dance show! You would think by now I would learn to check it before all big events, but no of course not!


  13. Ally says:

    I totally had “school clothes” and “play clothes” – and did just that – ran in the house to change after school. Too funny. My play clothes were some hideous polyester hand me downs or the too small stuff.


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