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A True Honor. I’m humbled. Today’s Cliche’s Partnership with Lemonade International! | Today's Cliche - Marriage, Family, & Working Mommy... from BOTH Women's and Men's Perspectives

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

A True Honor. I’m humbled. Today’s Cliche’s Partnership with Lemonade International!

March 28, 2010 by  

  • Have you ever been that guy (girl) sitting in an audience, listening to someone up on stage — and been in complete and utter awe? You find yourself with pangs of envy over their past and recent accomplishments; their commitments; their sacrifices; their selfless giving. It makes you double-think what you’ve accomplished — and are currently focused on — accomplishing. You wonder: What I would do to meet him/her, in an effort to just get a pulse on what makes them have a spunk that I don’t. There’s something they have, that I want. And that something is intangible.
  • The day I refer to above was when I watched Bill and Cherie Cummings, and Lemonade International, share their selfless mission; it was that moment that I decided no longer to simply be a spectator. I wanted to be an active participant. And, I wanted to know them. I wanted to reach out touch what made them so different. And when I stepped out of my comfort zone to ask the question, “What can I do to help and be more like you guys?“, I learned more than I ever imagined.

    Bill & Cherie are pictured on far left

  • The day I learned about Lemonade International was ironically during a sermon at a church that (we now call our home) we had only visited once before. Neither Dave nor I were necessarily sold on the fact that we would plant our feet at Lifepointe for good at that point. We’d been to more churches than you can count on one hand during the 12 months that preceded that day. However, on this particular 2nd visit, the timing was such that Lemonade International‘s leadership team was set to introduce themselves to us that day – and their simple mission spoke volumes to me. I knew right then and there that if this church was establishing a momentous partnership to make Lemonade International successful, this is where I wanted my spiritual home to be.
    • That day completely changed the direction of my, and subsequently my family’s, spiritual life. And, I owe almost all of it to Bill and Cherie Cummings’ sincere and humble plea for support; they sucked me in and has forever made me question my role in this thing we call life.

Flashback: I spent a handful of time in 3rd world countries back in the 90s. The exposure convinced me as a 20-something that I would likely spend my 20s and 30s saving the children of the world. I figured I’d put having a family on the back burner, join the Peace Corps, and sacrifice my next few decades serving the impoverishment overseas.

Umm, if you’ve been reading my rantings on Today’s Cliche, you know things didn’t quite go as planned. I got sucked right back into the American culture of consumption and self-centeredness.  Once I was thrown back into the (sometimes) pathetic American ways, I felt as if there was no turning back. I tried to erase in my heart and soul all that I had seen, first hand, in so many of these countries that truly needed so little to change their lives.

I had convinced myself of two things:

  • Tithing in church, throwing in a Starbucks bag of coffee for the troops, and buying wrapping paper for the kids’ PTA was my part in the charity world.
  • That giving myself to others, outside of your family and close friends, was just for single people who don’t understand how hard it is to have kids.

That is, until I witnessed Lemonade International’s mission on stage that day — and learned that so many of the leaders in this organization HAVE families of their own; many with young children (and handfuls of them) — I soon realized I CAN still have a family and do (even just little!) things that will change the lives of many. I don’t need to live in a 3rd world country for 2 years to make a difference in others’ lives. I think that I thought it was an “all or nothing” sort of thing.

It’s not.

Through Lemonade International, my family made a commitment over a year ago to Sponsor Andrea Rodriguez. We pay for her schooling, her uniform, and her meals while she’s at school. And, our sacrifice is small. Sometimes it’s simply giving up a few Starbucks a month (WOW, that felt SOOO pathetic to actually write!). For $35 per month we can do ALL of this for her — a child who was hopeless, and now is given hope.

When you click on this ICON from the Lemonade International site, you can see the children that are available for you &/or your family to connect with:

The girl we sponsor, Andrea, is in middle, bottom row

Below is a comprehensive video with Bill Cummings that paints an accurate and esteemed picture:

I can
not fully communicate my passion for Lemonade International; please visit them to learn more!

If you have any questions — that an amateur like me (!) can answer in a FULLY non-pressure type of way (there is no ulterior motive here! I gain nothing from this but sheer respect for you) — please email me: LemonadeInternational@TodaysCliche.com.

Lemonade International will be posting a feature about Today’s Cliché each month and we will feature a post from Lemonade International each month. We think this is a great partnership because of our mutual passion for God, family and children! Thanks to Bill Cummings and Lemonade International for joining together with us in our love for the people of La Limonada!!

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3 Responses to “A True Honor. I’m humbled. Today’s Cliche’s Partnership with Lemonade International!”
  1. Cheryl says:

    That’s awesome! Good for you!!


  2. Kat & Dave, you guys are awesome!! And we’re so thankful for what you are doing to help raise awareness for the children of La Limonada!


    Kat Reply:

    Wish we could do more, time-wise and financially.


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