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He Said: “Just Another Manic Monday” | Today's Cliche - Marriage, Family, & Working Mommy... from BOTH Women's and Men's Perspectives

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

He Said: “Just Another Manic Monday”

March 29, 2010 by  

Combining 4 little ones with our tight timelines for school makes our weekday mornings more than undesirable.  I don’t get much QT with the family during the week – we rush out the door in the morning, rush to evening events after work/school, and rush them to bed at night to do the hole damn thing over again.

I talked to Kat this weekend about trying to do just a few things differently that could make our mornings less hectic.  Kat took this statement and ran with it (I know, shocking), and listed out a number of things that each of us should do either at night or in the AM to help.  And this was going to happen immediately – we were going to do our best to NOT make tomorrow just another Manic Monday

Most important was getting to bed earlier – for the kids AND us.  If we could get the kids to bed a half hour earlier every night, it would make a world of difference. This is a non-issue for Kat – she’s sawing logs on the couch within 1.5 minutes of laying down to watch a show.  I will be the biggest challenge (that’s tough to type!), especially during the wek. When you run non-stop from 6:30 AM until 9:00 PM, I’d like at least an hour or two to wind down.  Whether it be a ball game or a DVR’ed episode of Chuck (for obvious reasons) or Flash Forward (please don’t cancel this show ABC…if we lose 24 this is all that I’ll have!), I need a little time before hitting the hay.

The second was preparing the night before: lunches already made, clothes already laid out – basically making us as efficient as possible for the next morning. Add the 3rd and final change – mom & dad waking up 30 minutes earlier – and you have one of the best laid-out plans in parenting history…

So, it was 7:30 tonight, and I was doing my best to keep Kat’s new plan in tact.  As she was on the computer for the 23rd hour of the weekend, I amazingly had everyone in their PJs and nearly ready for bed.  Kat took them all upstairs and read to the older 3 for a while before calling in a night.  8:15 – only 15 minutes later than our plan.  Not bad!

No clothes are out and I can guarantee no lunches will be made.  This is almost like a New Years Resolution doomed before it even starts (like my workout plan from this past post that is nothing more than a plan at this point).  I’m heading to bed early to keep my end of the deal, but I can tell you that “someone” won’t sleep well tonight since we have a tornado watch in effect for the area this evening.  Ms. Nervous Nellie is even thinking of us leaving our house and invading a neighbor’s, which happens to have a basement.  She’s already made the “just in case” call.  Sigh…

Hopefully we can stick to our guns, trying our best to keep one or more of these goals in place each day.  If it doesn’t work out tomorrow, we’ll keep trying, and do our best to avoid another Manic Tuesday.

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One Response to “He Said: “Just Another Manic Monday””
  1. sarah says:

    Oh honey, good luck with that!

    I am the queen of procrastination and I always wait til’ THAT morning… and on the days I do things ahead of time, I thank myself!


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