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She Said: “Just Another Manic Monday” | Today's Cliche - Marriage, Family, & Working Mommy... from BOTH Women's and Men's Perspectives

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

She Said: “Just Another Manic Monday”

March 29, 2010 by  

  • As far as the Tornado Warning goes: Yes, I can’t help it. I’m a nervous nellie. It runs in the blood. I caught it from my Mom. And, admittedly, I did come up with a plan as to how I would get into one of my BFF’s houses before the tornado struck in the middle of the night. THIS IS WHAT MOM’S DO! Sorry that HE can’t relate!

  • As far as the HIS “I’ll be sure to stick to my end of the deal and go to bed early“. You snored on the couch while I worked for 4 hours, tucked the kids in, and closed down the house for the night.
  • As far as the HIS complaint of my “23 hours on the computer this weekend: I was preparing for THIS. And, if memory serves me correctly, I was also doing what you see to the left:

    I would have loved to have been playing at the park w/you and the kids. However, I am the only one in this household who coordinates, prepares, files for, stresses out about preparing, stresses out filing for, itemizes, and spreadsheets the h&ll outta our taxes! For HIS job, HE just throws me a form HIS HR dept. gave HIM. For me, I have to freakin’ relive the last year of my professional endeavors and expenditures for TCHNetwork.com and TodaysCliche.com — oh, and all of our personal deductions, charities, blah blah blah. You want to split the task, dude? Pony up.

  • As far has HIS “Kat took this statement and ran with it (shocking, I know)“, I can’t wait to get my claws into him and ask if he meant everything I do, I do full-force (preferred response), or that he’s surprised I actually agreed to do something about it (will withhold sex for a month if this was what HE meant). In the meantime, let me translate his “she made a list” into what really happened:
    • Sat all of the 5 kids (Dave included) for a Sunday Family Meeting
    • We methodically went around the room, after I asked each person to state (one at a time) a “problem” that they have with our family dynamic, and what is asked of them
    • I wrote each of these problems on a piece of paper (from “I don’t like when you ask me to clean up the toys by myself; it’s lonely and NO FAIR!”… to “Since I’m the only girl it’s not fair that I’m around boys all of the time; I want more girl playdates”)
    • We then went around the circle and each of us come up with a solution for each others’ dilemmas. Some genius 😆 solutions, out of the mouths of babes, included: “I know! I know! My teacher taught us that you should prepare the night before so we’re not all running so late; Mommy can do that part…” to “Put a timer on designate certain times to do chores”. Mom’s solutions, of course, were the best: “How ’bout this? You guys will NO LONGER get anything handed to you without you earning it. That includes Playdates with ‘just’ girls”.
      • Overall, a successful family meeting! I try to do these 2x a month when thinks are VERY HAIRY IN OUR HOUSE – the kids feel involved and part of the solution (not the problem… which is all they really are most days!)
      • Again, I hope the fact that I “ran with it” was a pat vs. stab in the back, honey!

  • As far as HIS “When you run non-stop from 6:30 AM until 9:00 PM, I’d like at least an hour or two to wind down“. I’m sure you would, buddy. So would I! But unlike you, I’m 19 seasons behind in Grey’s and Brothers & Sisters (I said my borderline suicidal goodbye kisses to my Oprah-viewing days about 3 1/2 years ago)… so you’re whining to the wrong crowd.

  • As far as HIS “We need to preparing the night before: lunches already made, clothes already laid out“.  Easy for you to say. I do both of these, and – remember – we have 4 children(?).  Admittedly, I failed miserably last night with this chore, as I do every night (Please see 3rd bullet point for reasoning/excuse).

  • As far as HIS “And the 3rd and final change –
    mom & dad waking up 30 minutes earlier
    He fell asleep on the couch at 9:30 am and
    STILL begged me to press snooze on the Alarm Clock this morning!! FAIL!

The net-net?  Fail, Fail, and Fail. I hate feeling like a failure, especially with a new Agenda. Oyeeh – Veh. There’s always next week.

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15 Responses to “She Said: “Just Another Manic Monday””
  1. Shy says:

    LMAO!! There must be something in the air with the hubby’s these days!! Ron and I go into a huge text fight when I was in VA @ a bridal show trying to set up! One of these days we will get that mai tai on the beach laying in the sand with an umbrella w/ our children playing serenely in a kiddie pool with the hired nanny watching them! ****sighs****


  2. MandyP says:

    Oh, Kat…you crack me right the heck up! I completely understand your fear of tornadoes. I have the same fear. Nothing wrong with being prepared!

    LOVED the “near-suicidal goodbyes” line!

    Wish we lived closer!!! Hope your day gets better.


    Kat Reply:

    Hey, I think we’ll be up there in July…! As luck would have it, you’ll probably be outta town?


    MandyP Reply:

    Are you serious??? In PA or Ohio??


  3. Like your idea about family meetings. Wondering how well that would go over in my house. Yup, the definitely cannot relate to the nervous nellie thing!


    Kat Reply:

    I’m sure they’d go over decent. It’s all about the implementation beyond the 24 hr. period that follows the meeting that are disastrous.


  4. Wow. Kat. You are like a Project manager waiting to happen. I can tell you run a tight ship girl 😉

    No – you are not a failure. You just have a lot going on.



    Kat Reply:

    Honestly, if I didn’t have a career outside the home (or, who are we kidding, THIS BLOG!), I would run a MUCH MUCH TIGHTER SHIP. I feel like my ship’s about to sink 6 days outta 7. I used to have it so much more together… but what’cha gonna do?


  5. Hey there, stopping by from SITS! I love that you have these state of the family meetings though, that’s a great idea. Here’s hoping you’re able to geteverything to balance out. 🙂

    Have an Extraordinary Day!


  6. Rita says:

    this is so funny, love hearing both sides! looking forward to following your blog =) thanks for stopping by to see my Bitsy Babies too =)


  7. Sabreena says:

    Hello from SITS and a happy day to you. I love this idea of a he said she said blog. I also love that your husband agreed to it. Mine looks at my blog as a nice hobby to keep me from poisoning him and the kids then running off into the sunset (he expects no negative posts about him so the one I did do made for interesting conversation the following evening). I think it’s super healthy that you two have a forum to hash things out. So many times when people talk things get miscommunicated so when you sit down and write it there’s a chance it will come out more clarified. Kudos to both of you and great blog.


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