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If it comes from a Plant, eat it. If it comes from a “Plant”, don’t eat it! | Today's Cliche - Marriage, Family, & Working Mommy... from BOTH Women's and Men's Perspectives

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

If it comes from a Plant, eat it. If it comes from a “Plant”, don’t eat it!

April 7, 2010 by  

NOTE: THIS has been delayed til Mid-May, due to the death of Kat’s Mom. Stay tuned.

To say I’m excited is an understatement.

To say I’m nervous is ridiculous, because my fears of potential F-A-I-L-U-R-E far exceed any word I can whip up in Webster.

Yesterday we made it official. HE AND SHE will be doing a 21-day “Purification” that WE anticipate will change things around in our waists lives and our livelihood, forever.

Let me just first share with you that HE is not a fan or believer in anything having to do with alternative medicine, or alternative practices. Alternative, meaning anything… anything… and I mean ANYTHING “alternative”. Alternative home remedies, tatoos (read here), herbal cures, chiropractic, alternative lifestyles, alternative rock, vitamins… you freakin’ name it.  As for medicine or therapies, anything that’s non-traditional, or prescribed by a doctor without the designation “MD”, you can forget about him even considering it up until now. He prefers singing from traditional hymnals at church (we now go to a church with alternative christian music… thankfully), traditional khakis and button downs, traditional cards and cookies, and good ‘old country. Traditional sports and getting news the traditional way tops the list.

Anywho. DAVE. ACTUALLY. had. an. appointment. with. my. Chiropractor. yesterday!! Get back on your chair.

For those of you who don’t know us, here’s our deal:

  • I get hurt more often than I should
  • I am in pain more often than any woman my age should be
  • I believe that no one understands until you’ve “been there”. Until one has ever REALLY REALLY been at your wits end, you will try anything to help
  • What I’m now learning is that this body is going to expire at some point. I can not sit as a mere spectator and continue to look the other way


  • Never gets hurt
  • Is never in pain (except for the rare hangover, in which he only nurses with greasy egg and bacon sandwiches and coffee… refuses Tylenol and Advil – crazy man)
  • He would never seek help if he were in pain
  • I sometimes secretly wish he experienced 1/1000th of the pain I used to in my back and ankle just so he would come to me-with-tail-between-his-legs-begging-me-for-my-Chiro’s-phone-number.

I also want to set a proper example for my kids; equip them with the tools they need to make no-brainer choices when given options.

I am learning that the s#it I’ve been putting in my and my children’s mouth is no joke. Talk about terrifying:

Ever hear of “Food Inc.”? “Skinny Bitch” (sorry ’bout the title; I didn’t make it up)? “Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual“?  Well, I have read/still reading all of these — that I just picked up 6 days ago. I’m officially disgusted, and have a new obsession. Getting all the yuck outta my system and making the best choices about what I put down my hatch, and my 4 kids’ hatches.

In fact, frankly, I really have been feeling physically awful lately.  What is our food and drinks is ridiculous with a capital “R” — and I’ve succumb to the “quick meals” and marketing tactics of the food industry in an effort to save time and I thought (?) money.

If momma ain’t feelin right, everyone’s gonna suffer.

I think HE and I have come to a pinnacle in our relationship; without having to pull his arm – HE has agreed to do an “Alternative” remedy to purify and get rid of all of the toxins in his (and my) body. We will follow a strict regime (with no wine or coffee… I’m sobbing!!!) for 21 days. And, we’ll be completely supported through Carolina Chiropractic and Wellness (who I WORSHIP, by the way!)… which is where HIS visit to my Chiro, Dr. Greenfield, came into play. She clears all before they proceed with this awesome program.

And, guess what? You get to LYAO the entire journey. Because we’re going to tell you everything that’s going on during it. Starting next week. Aren’tchalucky?

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12 Responses to “If it comes from a Plant, eat it. If it comes from a “Plant”, don’t eat it!”
  1. Wow – That’s quite a committment, but you seem well prepared, so I’m sure you’ll do amazing.


  2. Jayme says:

    Wow! That sounds awesome! I wish that I could do something like that. I can’t wait to hear about your journey!


  3. Ally says:

    I’m so in awe of you and can’t wait to hear how this goes!! And I’m so glad you picked up the books! Yay! I love having people onboard with the food thing.


  4. I’m doing the same thing. I’m following the “Eat Clean” diet, which is more of a lifestyle change than a diet. No processed foods whatsoever. The only thing that I’m buying that comes from a plant is the Gnu Food’s “Flavor and Fiber” bars, which are made with whole foods, have twelve grams of fiber, and work better than Roto Rooter on pipes. (And the peanut butter bars are soft and taste just like a peanut butter cookie, but there’s no refined sugar or anything bad in them.) I feel so much better eating this way. The only thing tough about it is the extra work that has to go into prepping food and having food on hand when you travel. It was lack of time that got me eating poorly to begin with.

    Good luck!


  5. Tracie says:

    I’m excited to see how this goes for y’all because I have realized for a long time that I am a junk food junkie…and I’ve been passing that down to my daughter(my husband is a much healthier eater than I have ever been)we really need to make some changes!

    On the tattoo post…you are cracking me up!! I totally secretly dream of getting a tattoo (minus the whole needle thing-lol) One day I might just surprise myself and do it…but it would have to be something really awesome, and I just haven’t found the right, “can’t live without it” thing yet.


  6. Oh man…I’d be interested to hear what the cost of all of this is. Eating healthy for me abruptly ended when I got the bill at the checkout. And then had a stroke. I wish you well!!!! =)


    Jennifer Campbell Reply:


    check this out…how to eat healthy on a budget 🙂


  7. MandyP says:

    Oh how ridiculous…My name is wrong above…it’s still wrong from when my keyboard freaked out the other day.


  8. Missy says:

    AWESOME! I can’t wait to read/see Food Inc. As for the cost, I believe there is no better investment than what you and your family consume — we cut out other little luxuries for real, wholesome food. And believe me, I am FAR from perfect, disgressing OFTEN.
    Good luck — you can do it! Looking forward to hearing more…


  9. Texan Mama says:

    Have you started the cleanse yet? Give us more details about your plan! Sounds great! Don’t forget to take some vitamins since you’ll be sacrificing calories. You don’t want to pass out whilst driving your kiddos around!!!


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