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“Truth or Dare” Weekends-Truth: Shoplifting / Dare: PBJ Pits | Today's Cliche - Marriage, Family, & Working Mommy... from BOTH Women's and Men's Perspectives

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

“Truth or Dare” Weekends-Truth: Shoplifting / Dare: PBJ Pits

May 8, 2010 by  

Today's Cliche, TodaysCliche.com

☆ “Truth or Dare” Theme May 8th – 9th ☆:

Winner with BE
ST Truth or Dare Story wins a
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9 Responses to ““Truth or Dare” Weekends-Truth: Shoplifting / Dare: PBJ Pits”
  1. Shell says:

    Such a cute idea!


  2. Ms. Random says:

    That is DISGUSTING! Hilarious, but DISGUSTING! LoL


  3. MandyP says:

    I like the format. The push pins are cool. You’re nuts, Kat! But I STILL love ya!


    Kat Reply:

    Listen, I’ll do almost anything (now!) to get a pic of you doing that! Eventually, you WILL cave!


  4. Kat says:

    Okay, since I’m in Myrtle Beach and don’t have a kitchen to prepare my pits…. (but I will do this on Tues/Wednesday and post the pic!) — I will have to do the truth.

    Yes, I did shoplift once, under the direction of who-I-thought-was-a-friend… I caved under peer pressure.

    The whole “They’ll never know… c’mon, do it. I. DARE. YOU”.

    I was in 7th grade and wanted to be cool.

    I stole a …



    (oh, I’m sooo embarrassed)…


    SNICKERS BAR from Ralph Rottens. Hauppauge guys — remember that? For these who aren’t familiar, it’s like a 7-11 or a Wa Wa. It was by Branchinellis. Mortifying.

    I slipped it up my right hand sleeve. Thought I successfully performed my dare. HOWEVER, the clerk picked up the phone, and started (so I can hear him) picking up the phone to call the police.

    He asked me to fess up and I played dumb.

    OHHH!!! He probably thought I was some punk; a dirt bag. ARGH! I can NOT BELIEVE I caved into peer pressure. I was a goodie-2-shoes… not “one of those”.

    I cried, and begged for forgiveness and that he NOT have the police come in. Moreoever, I pooped in my pants at the THOUGHT of my parents (mainly, my Dad!) finding out.

    I have NEVER, EVER attempted shoplifting again. Sometimes it takes me a few tries to learn my lesson about something in particular. THIS time, it only took once.

    Shame, shame, SHAME on me!


  5. I have shoplifted. Once.

    At the grocery store checkout there was this really cool candy whistle. I couldn’t resist. I slid it in my pocket. No one saw me. On the way home in the car I couldn’t resist again.

    I took it out of my pocket.

    I had to have a taste of it.

    I had to hear what the whistle sounded like.

    I blew it.

    My eyes met my mom’s in the rearview mirror. I knew it was over. The candy. The cool whistle. It was removed from my mouth before I could sound another shrill. How my mom’s short little arm reached back so quickly to pull the fun from my mouth I will never know.

    Next thing I knew we were back at the grocery store parking lot and before I could blink I was being pulled into the store by my arm. Mom made it clear I was going to apologize to the store manager for stealing.

    I don’t know what I said and I don’t know if the manager could make out my words through my sobbing. All I know is that I never shoplifted again.

    But, boy did that candy whistle taste good for a brief second!


    Kat Reply:

    I can NOT remember a time I laughed SOOO hard than I did at your post/reply. The descriptions were second to none. Sadly, I could relate to every moment of your story… seemed all-too-familiar. Again, my shoplifting story was the only one I have… but I’m recalling that I’ve stole from family members (not a store) items before and gotten TOTALLY nailed as you did with your candy whistle. The feeling being “caught” is TERRIBLE!

    Thanks for sharing!


  6. Anon says:

    I stole tampons from a grocery store once. I was out on the town (not my town) with some friends and I felt my little friend come for a visit. I asked around but none of my girlfriends had anything. So I high-tailed it with a friend to the grocery store. The grocery store was packed with only one register open so I grabbed those tampons and ran for it. I felt so guilty but I was desperate.


  7. alicia says:

    Sorry, can’t bring myself to do it. Plus I don’t drink coffee.


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