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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

“Truth or Dare” Weekends: Worst Hook-Up Story

May 14, 2010 by  

Today's Cliche, TodaysCliche.com

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8 Responses to ““Truth or Dare” Weekends: Worst Hook-Up Story”
  1. Kat says:

    Okay I can’t write the FIRST comment, b/c you’ll ALL know that it’s me! Hook a sistah UP!


  2. Anon says:

    My first serious hookup (when I was 19) was with a much older guy. He was 31. I went to his apartment at 8:30PM. I had specific instructions on what to wear (school girl skirt, oxford blouse, heels, no stockings, etc…) One thing led to another, as you can imagine, boots were knocked…right there in the living room with all the lights blazing. We were on the couch afterward and I got a sudden case of stagefright. I couldn’t move! I was suddenly so self conscious that I couldn’t bring myself to stand up and get dressd to haul ass out of there like any self respecting girl would have done. Instead, I just laid there “cuddling” and I’m sure the guy was just screaming inside his head “GET THE F*** OUT!”

    So……3:00 Am rolls around and I finally peel myself off that bad 1980’s print couch to leave. I jump in my car-humiliated-and speed away…only to get pulled over and get a ticket for going 52 in a 25. There I am– bedhead, halfdressed in my whorey school girl getup and smelling like God knows what… Not one of my finer oments.


  3. Anon says:

    Does someone who pisses in your bed after hooking up (passed out) count as a horrible hook up story? I think yes.


  4. Anon says:

    I used to sneak out of the house as a teenager. I know-I’m not proud. One morning (around 6 am) I ever-so-quietly snuck back in the backdoor that I had purposely left slightly ajar and tip-toed as stealthily as a ninja into the kitchen…to find my mom sitting at the kitchen table waiting for me. I gave her the ole “just went out to breakfast with some friends and didn’t wanna wake you” line, but I don’t think she bought it. I don’t know-maybe it was my wrinkled clothes, my just f’d hair, or the fact that my shirt was on inside out?


  5. Anon says:

    Oh geez – worst one ever? I was dating a guy who lived in his fraternity house. He lived on the top bunk in his room that he shared with another guy. His friend promised to be absent that night so we had the room to ourselves – but while making out – I hit my head on the ceiling. We were both drunk and I accused him of hitting me. He tried to convince me that he wasn’t but I was in a rage that anyone would try to beat me up – which he didn’t really do – he chased me in the hall where I proceeded to yell at him in front of all his fraternity brothers about how he shouldn’t beat women.

    So embarrassing . . .


  6. Hmm…my worst hook up story?? I have to pick just one? Well…okay…here it goes…

    I think probably my worst one was with this frat guy who I’d been friends with for a long time. I had just broken up with my boyfriend (a pre-med…what the hell was I thinking letting him go?) and frat daddy and I started casually seeing each other. We went out to local bars a few times and indulged in some major PDA, but then he started taking me places where we didn’t run into any of our other friends, like going bowling, etc. I thought that we were just doing all kinds of different and fun things on our dates, but it turns out that the “ex-girlfriend” that he had just broken up with was actually STILL his girlfriend. He was just seeing me on the side. And then one of our mutual friends found out and called her up and told her about us, and then the frat daddy AND this chick called me on the phone one night and proceeded to totally tell me off and insist that I was lying about the fact that he and I had ever been seeing each other.

    Of course, people had SEEN us making out at local bars, so eventually the other chick figured out that HE was the one who was lying, but she wound up dating him for like a year anyway. Guess she was desperate!

    And I’m not ashamed to admit that I got revenge on the frat daddy by keying his Jeep Wrangler and writing the word “fag” on the side. He deserved it. Total psycho.


  7. Shell says:

    There was the guy whom I thought was a one-night stand and I was horrified that I would do such a thing, since I never did anything like that before or since…but we actually ended up dating for a long time, got engaged, and almost married. LOL

    My funniest is probably back when I was in college. I was at a bar dancing with this really hot guy, Jason. Of course I was drunk because back then, I didn’t dance unless I was drunk. We started making out…and that lasted for hours. I’d had a crush on him forever and he was a really good kissser. But, he had also slept with this girl that I HATED, Heather. She LOVED him and would sleep with him whenever he felt like it(which was whenever he was drunk and horny and there wasn’t anyone else better around- he would even tell her he was just using her for sex). Heather also had an STD in the past. So, when it was getting close to closing time, Jason whispered to me “Are you going to come back to my room tonight?” I laughed and laughed and then SHRIEKED, “No way! You slept with dirty Heather! Ew, no way! Hey, Jason thinks I’ll sleep with him after he slept with Heather!” And I went on like that for like 10 minutes.

    So, maybe not really a total hook-up story, but there’s my best shot! And yes, I’m posting this w/o going anonymous. Nothing to hide!


  8. I don’t have too many since I have been with my hubby since I was 18 yrs old {yes a VERY long time}.

    I do remember this one time I was like 16 or 17 I went to party at one of my cousin’s friend’s houses. There was this really HOT guy there {he was probably 21 or so} and by the end of the night we had hooked up a few times. I was young and didn’t think anything about it. Then the next day literally at like 9am the doorbell rang and my Aunt answered it. It was HIM {totally forget his name} and he came to visit my cousin and I. We literally were still sleeping and strolled downstairs total bed head and all. I was first embarrassed because my Aunt was looking at me like why is he here to see you this early in the morning?

    THEN to make it much worse I found out he had a BABY! He tried calling me a few times after that and I totally ditched him. Weirdo!


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