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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

“Not ME” Mondays: Never with the 1st or 3rd, Benefitting at Others’ Expense

May 17, 2010 by  

I did NOT put my 4th child (just turned 2 yrs) down for a nap yesterday at 2 pm… and by the time 6 pm rolled around I did NOT pray that he didn’t wake for ANOTHER 13 hours. Nope, not me.

[Guess what time he woke up? 7:30 am. Today. Yes, you read that correctly.  He did not wake for dinner. He did not whimper or cry in the middle of the night. No, he is not sick. Nope, no fever. And yes… he has done this before.]
“Before” as is about once a week — sometimes twice a week.

I did NOT just brag about, and totally throw, that in your face. I did NOT just realize I majorly just jinxed myself for the rest of eternity.

Yeah, yeah… before you get all “OMG, you have NO IDEA how lucky you are!“, lemme tell you — yes I do. He’s my 4th, and my 1st napped for no more than 21 minutes stretches at a time. I totally get it.]

What I also get — and realize — is that there is NO WAY IN HELL I wouddah let my 1st, even my 2nd, and likely not my 3rd, sleep THAT LONG without checking on him/her!

I did NOT threaten to leave my 3 year old home with a “mean babysitter who gives spankings” if he didn’t pull it together before we headed to Myrtle Beach last weekend. (Talk ’bout shooting myself in the foot RE: unloading him on a sitter now…).

I did NOT benefit from another’s misery: after launching that threat to my toddler, I then reveled in a friend’s reply to my Worst Parent of the Year Award Post. Aside from her admittance that she has threatened to pull over and dump her 3 year old off at a Gas Station with a scary stranger (I’d never do “that”… :twisted:), she also burned (accidentally, of course) her 5 week old baby’s head with splashes of boiling water the other day…. She wrote that ALL to make me feel better about myself! Love her!]

I did NOT contemplate sneaking off into a sketchy store to get a tat last weekend while hubby wasn’t looking (although the damn time commitment would have been a dead giveaway, considering I would have left with with the 4 kids in the middle of Broadway on the Beach).

I did not hyperventilate this weekend at the thought of my DAD:
a.) reacting to the fact that I actually asked others to post “their worst hook up story“, or
b.) the thought of him reading the responses and thinking one of them were actually mine(!)

You do anything you’re ashamed of, or HOPE no one knew about, this past week?

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8 Responses to ““Not ME” Mondays: Never with the 1st or 3rd, Benefitting at Others’ Expense”
  1. I completely empathize with your son – I feel like I could take 13 hour naps, if only I could find the time!


    Kat Reply:

    LIsten, you are PREACHING TO THE CHOIR, Meg! You’re not kidding. Let’s just say… “if I could only get a solid 7 hour stretch of sleep… scratch that… a solid 4!”.

    And, as you can see below… it actually was a 17 hour nap!


  2. Salt says:

    Nothing as bad as my worst hookup story, that’s for sure. 🙂
    And no, I’ve actually been an angel as of late. I must be getting old or something.

    I pray that when I have a child, they want to take 13 hour naps.


    Kat Reply:

    Actually, a 17 hour nap! You must be getting old is right… wait, wow, that sounded rude! Sorry!!

    Hugs, Kat


  3. alicia says:

    How’d ya manage that kind of nap?? Drugs? lol. My kids only slept like that if they were sick.


  4. Tara says:

    this is the first time i’ve read NOT ME MONDAYS…. i will now have to go read all the others… this one was absolutely fantastic. i loved every line of it!!! You should have thanked me somewhere in your story tho… he clearly got the gift of good sleeping from me, his godmother. I can sleep for 17 hours no-problemo!!! so, you’re welcome!!! That’s prob. the safest thing he could inherit from me. lol;) give my boy hugs and kisses!! AWESOME post kat!!!! xoxo


  5. Rebekah C says:

    Wow!!! PLEASE give me some of whatever you’re feeding that kid! Pretty please? With sugar on top?


  6. Hi Kat!

    Greetings from Malaysia again! Just want to say thank you for dropping by my blog on my SITS day. You can read the aftermath of my whole day SITting episode at this link:

    Thank you again and hope to see you back here sometime! 😀

    Warmest Regards,
    Jenny aka I’m a full-time mummy


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