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She Said: “Life is Messy” (& so is my flippin’ pantry!) | Today's Cliche - Marriage, Family, & Working Mommy... from BOTH Women's and Men's Perspectives

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

She Said: “Life is Messy” (& so is my flippin’ pantry!)

May 31, 2010 by  

Is it possible for a 35 year old to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown? From being on a detox, to my mom recently dying, to it being Memorial Day Weekend and I can’t enjoy a libation due to the detox, to MY HOUSE BEING A FREAKING DISASTER — I feel like I’m going to lose it.

I called hubs on Thursday in a complete meltdown: “I can’t stand the mess anymore! These kids throw everything all over the place, they leave toys wherever they damn please! Every where I turn there are toys, toys and MORE TOYS! I want them O>U>T!! All of them! Oh, and our bedroom — it’s a disaster! Clothes everywhere… oh and our closet? I can’t handle it A N Y M O R E!!!!!!”

Hub’s response? “Umm… I CAN NOT DO THIS RIGHT NOW” (in a sing-song voice – irritating). Okay, it was 10 am and he was at work, I suppose.

So, I hang up the phone and let out a huge grunt.

I dial a neighbor. Someone who over the past 8 years I’ve gotten to know pretty well; a friend who would give her right arm for you; a friend who I admire so very much in more ways than one; a friend to whom I typically would pretend that I had all my sh*t together; a friend who is entrepreneur and DOES have all of her sh*t together.

But, writing in such a raw manner on Today’s Cliche has allowed me to open up all of my vulnerabilities to others — including those to whom I wanted to only seem a certain way.

You see, about a month ago, she and I tossed around the idea that with the launch of her new business, Organized Spaces, she could help me get out of the deep, dark abyss of clutter that has begun to consume my life. It began when I launched TCHNetwork.com. When I no longer was able to make “out with the old, and in with the new” a priority. Rather, I’ve been all “in with the new’ing” and no “outting with the old“. Oh, and… err… having four kids and all the crud that THEY collect, by default, has tipped it (and me!) over the edge.

When I had “just” three kids, I can honestly say all of my i’s were dotted and all of my t’s crossed. Both at home, and in my career. I’m talking to the point of nauseum. But, the fourth kid tipped the scale.

Now, the challenge in getting rid of the old is that I also have separation anxiety disorder (self-diagnosed, but keenly assessed).

Adrienne of Organized Spaces was there to answer my call that Thursday (when Hubby could care less about my issues at that moment!). I think I actually may have cried on the call (you’d think she was a shrink or something), but whatever she said ignited such a sense of peace and “Oh, we’ll totally take care of this — I can’t wait!”.

Can’t wait“, I thought??? Are you freaking joking me? When I think about the closets and cabinets I NEED to unclutter (for my sanity), I absolutely quiver in dread. Adrienne seriously gets a high thinking about going through the things you can’t even comprehend dealing with, head on, with virtual excitement; authentic excitement.

So, she swung by my home Friday, and we came up with a game plan.  We decided to start with the pantry and my master closet. She made an analogy to some story about ‘picking the low hanging fruits first’ (can’t remember the metaphor at the moment, but it made sense then!).  This way, with the smaller projects, you can actually tackle them in a few short hours. Subsequently, you see results — and you morph into this wanna-be-organizing-fool-that-no-one-can-stop-you-til-your-done-and-your-significant-other-better-get-the-hell-outta-the-way-and-if-you-have-nothing-nice-to-say-don’t-say-anything-at-all-to-me.

So, wanna see what Adrienne walked me through (emotionally and physically… and yes, you CAN have separation anxiety with food products!) today in a few short hours? I also dumped all of the unnatural, processed (for the most part) food that I’m detoxing from over these 21 days.

See how we labeled ALL of these:

So, what’cha think??

Beautiful, right?

I spent an hour just sitting in the pantry, looking around. Hubs can not — for the life of him — grasp what the big deal is. Ladies? Pah-lease? Seriously?!?!?!?  Please tell me you understand!!

I’ll be doing a Giveaway for Organized Spaces over the next week or two. Stay tuned! (And, you don’t only have to live in North Carolina/Raleigh to be the recipient of Adrienne’s services).

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16 Responses to “She Said: “Life is Messy” (& so is my flippin’ pantry!)”
  1. Shell says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! I NEED her! OMG. I NEED her to come here and help me!

    We moved a month ago and I STILL haven’t unpacked everything b/c I can’t figure out what the heck to do with it all!


    Kat Reply:

    Right? Can you believe it? I SOOO would NOT unpack, either. I mean, what the h%ll do you do with all the crap? Evidently, you’re supposed to get someone to tell you what the heck to throw out BEFORE you move, so that you don’t pay twice (to move, and then to eventually dump ‘anyway’). She’s super affordable, too, as far as Professional Organizers go. And, let me tell you… she is as sharp as a knife and knows exactly what to do, helps cleanse you (if you know what I mean), and is nice along the way!

    Miss you! How is it NOT being “on” the actual beach this summer? It must be killing you ;-(.


  2. Oh I’m so jealous…your pantry is singing to me…I love it…I dream of my closets looking like that!!!!


    Kat Reply:

    I know, right? I dream of MY closets looking like that, too!


  3. Krista says:

    That is amazing!! And YES I NEED HER TOO!!! Moving this month with 4 kids and no family around to help…THAT outta be interesting! I want my new house to look like that!


    Kat Reply:

    Hey, where are you moving to?


    Krista Reply:

    Eric works in Greensboro and has been driving 1 1/2 hours to and from work EVERY day. We found a house (short sale, that’s a whole other story!) in High Point (davidson County, excellent schools!) that will hopefully close by the end of the month, or I’ll have no idea where we are going! Oh, did I mention, I haven’t started packing yet!!


  4. Adrienne says:

    Kat …. I had so much fun organizing your pantry with you yesterday. I’m glad you love it.
    Thanks so much for kind words and kudos.
    You made it so fun it felt like a little party without the cocktails….
    I’m excited to do your Master Closet next. Check out my blog @ http://www.organizedspacesraleigh.com for master closet tips and hints.
    To all of Kat’s readers – if you want some organizing help please contact me @ adri@organizedspacesraleigh.com. I would love to help you. Kat will be doing a giveaway too.


  5. Tracie says:

    I want my whole house to look like your pantry.


  6. Melissa says:

    I am SO jealous! I admit I am a pack rat, my husband calls me a hoarder, but we do not have boxes piled to the ceiling,yet…so I still consider myself a “collector”. I definitely cleaned/organzied while nesting, but didn’t get it all done, and now I feel like we are drowning in our stuff! I know my daughter is only 8 wks old, but I feel like we’ve already doubled our stuff and our house is only 2000 sq feet. I would LOVE and my husband would love it more, if we got a professional organizer. I totally agree Kat, there is some stuff I am sentimentally attached to, or stuff I always “think” I will use in the future! You really are “cleansing”…your body first, now motivating to your house! Good for you, your pantry looks awesome!! I would sit and stare too! Wish my whole house was that neat and organized, if I showed you a picture of my desk right now, you would throw up and call A&E Hoarders!


  7. Kara says:

    I am in dire need of my pantry being redone. About once a month it needs to be done because ONE thing gets outta place and before you know everything has jumped out and your putting things away screaming because you can’t find a place to put what you want up.

    I say that you accomplished something HUGE with this new organized pantry! It is awfully pretty!


  8. Mesina says:

    omg. OMG. She wouldn’t by any chance be coming to England anytime soon would she?!?!

    THAT IS SO BEAUTIFUL! I think I’m crying! I don’t actually have a pantry, cos english houses are so small (I actually live in a big house for English standards) but I would so knock out a wall a BUILD A PANTRY if it meant it looked like that!

    Also – someone else I know with four kids said that the fourth tipped the scales of balance for her too. So far, I’ve blamed the fact that he’s a newborn but you are basically saying it won’t get better right?!

    I knew it. Just ship my butt to the carribean now please.


  9. Gen X Mom says:

    Looks great! I like how you say that the fourth kid tipped the scale. That is how I felt after the third! Two seemed so easy after having three. I think it is always that way. We look back and the last thing seemed so much more simple. So have five, and four will seem like a walk in the park!


  10. Amy says:

    Those before and after pictures are great!


  11. I’m drooling. Your pantry looks fabulous! I need an Adrienne in my life. My pantry looks like a tornado hit it. A tornado called “FOUR KIDS”. You’re so right about that, by the way. I had no problems when it came to keeping up the house with three children, but once that fourth one came along? Oh boy. lol
    Thanks for stopping by earlier today. I love your blog and will definitely be back again. Men just don’t get the whole deal about the pantry. Don’t even bother. lol

    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud


    Kat Reply:

    Thanks, Kristi! I know, I’m SOOO in love with my Pantry. It’s only been a few weeks, but I STILL camp out in there and just “look around”. Thanks for the reality check that MEN JUST DON’T GET IT!!


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