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She Said: “Camera Shy?” | Today's Cliche - Marriage, Family, & Working Mommy... from BOTH Women's and Men's Perspectives

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

She Said: “Camera Shy?”

June 5, 2010 by  

I can’t believe I’m even 1/100000th CONSIDERING this.

What has gotten into me?

I was shocked at hub’s reaction.

Does he have ANY idea how this will effect him?

And, to think that over the last week he’s been my biggest cheerleader?

Here’s the story:  last week a best friend from college left me not only a voice mail, but a “read-immediately” email. The fact that she has was super busy with her newborn indicated to me that whatever she needed to tell me was seriously critical.

Since the day hair started growing under my pits, friends and strangers alike have insisted that I need to have my own show. C’mon people?! That is  r i d i c u l o u s  with a capital “R”. Don’t me wrong — that sounded delicious, but I was so immature, insecure, and nervous (even though I didn’t seem so on the outside).

Throughout the years, I’ve dipped my feet in the proverbial on-air waters, but in a VERY elementary state. I sunk my nails in at FOX-TV for an internship; prior, I was on a newscast during college while on Semester at Sea; to top it off I had my own TV channel aboard a few cruise ships, where I was on stage speaking to audiences exceeding about 600 at a time. Still, I personally thought I sucked in all of these rolls.

Why? Let’s face it people… remember the days when you were a kid, and you and your friends would play around, recording yourselves on an old-school tape recorder? Oh, you would pee in your pants in excitement to play it back for the first time… only to quiver under your skin… begging the question, “OMG (little friend of mine), pah-lease tell me I don’t REALLY sound like that?!?!?” Well, imagine seeing yourself on TV — hearing your own voice AND seeing own OWN good-‘ole-MUG that we’re all so critical about? Oh, it’s just awful. Especially when you can’t stand the sound of yourself!

However, I can’t ignore my inquisitiveness. I divulge more about that here in “About Kat“.

So, back to the voicemail from a BFF: “OMG – Oprah is having a casting call for those who want to have their own Talk Show. THIS. IS. SCREAMING. YOUR. NAME, KAT!!!  You’ve GOT TO DO IT. I can soooo see you doing this! If anyone can do this, it’s you. I know you can do it… you H A V E  T O !!!”

This is where the URL led to that she gave me (she = “Scanlan” for those who may be wondering… Err, Melissa Scanlan Zone):

Gosh, this seriously WOULD be a-dream-come-true (how cliche).


Please, PLEASE comment below if you think I should do it. If I can get 50 of you to comment that I should do it — between this site and Facebook (click here)since I have absolutely NOTHING else going on in my life, I’ll whip up a video and go to the LIVE Casting Call in Atlanta on June 26th.

** In your comment, I’d be soooo pumped if you included the reason WHY you think I should dive in head first — based on what you “know” of me.

For those who know me well, I’m struggling with these two questions:

. . . Can you help a sistah out? I’ll reply to all of your comments, promise! Need the help of close friends to answer the above two questions. Pretty please!

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27 Responses to “She Said: “Camera Shy?””
  1. Shell says:

    Oh, girl! DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have me as a guest when you make it big, though, okay? 😉


    Kat Reply:

    Make it big… ha! Gosh, okay… well — you only met me for a small chunk of time (in person, that is!) — could you see it? I PROMISE I’m not fishing for compliments (swear, SWeAR!!), but most of the peeps responding know me pretty well, and have, for years. Not just in my writing, but in person.

    I will TOTALLY have you as a guest. LAUGHING that we’re even talking about this.


  2. Ally says:

    Ok, I don’t “know” you really well. But from what I see of your personality…
    YOU NEED TO GO FOR IT! What have you got to lose??? Absolutely nothing but a little time.



  3. Melissa Albonesi says:

    You would be awesome!! Do it!!! You are a great listener and a great talker :)…..you make everything interesting and fun!!! Go for it! Can I come on your show? xoxo


    Kat Reply:

    OF COURSE! You’ll be my first VOCALIST artist! But, we need the random guys for you to serenade also to be in the audience (and we’ll all have to be tanked)… Oh, and it has to be recorded at 4 am to give the full effect.

    Thanks, Meliss. Means so much!


  4. Cheryl says:

    Don’t rely on comments, silly! Just do it. You won’t regret trying, but you WILL regret not going for it. Trust me. I’m old and I know.

    Why don’t you do a vlog on here? It’d be so fun to see you!


    Kat Reply:

    You’re “old” – ha! Not old enough… you still have little ones, Cheryl ;-). I know, I know.. you’re right. I need to remember I will TOTALLY regret not doing it. It’s just the specifics that are a bit overwhelming (i.e. the 16 page application and the 3 minute audition tape).

    Never thought about a vlog. However, recall how I can’t stand my own voice? I have a feeling I’d better start getting used to it if I’m going to do the audition tape, ehh?

    Thanks again!


  5. MandyP says:

    The only crazy thing would be if you DIDN’T do this!!! Oh, Kat, it’s right up your alley!!! The best part…when you’re chosen…I get to tell everyone I know you! That and I want you to send me stuff from the Kraft food cart every day. HAHAHAHA!


    Kat Reply:

    Okay, call me nieve… not sure what the Kraft food cart is (I’m being serious). I’m assuming it’s the snack cart… but you seem to know all the lingo! You’re always such an amazing support, Mandy. Since we’ve only been BFF’s for a few months (how weird did THAT just feel to type… lol), you can see it… really? Thanks again, Mandy


  6. Melissa says:

    I totally forgot to remind you what a HUGE HIT you were at my wedding!!! (Kat, so graciously, gave a toast at my wedding, my sister, who was my maid of honor was not into public speaking at all and was also 37 wks pregnant, needless to say, she was pretty miserable!) Anyway, the first person I thought of was Kat! Not only did she know me so well (we lived together after College), but I knew she would be hilarious. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house (and I don’t mean the sentimental kind of tears!), people were laughing so hard they were crying. And you didn’t even have to KNOW me to think her speech was funny. Kat, one of your greatest gifts is your “call it like I see it” attitude, your off the cuff remarks, your spontanenity, your brutal honesty (which I love, including the recent insult, uh I mean honest comment, about the outfit I was wearing in the 1st picture I sent out of me holding my newborn!) But your honestly is the kind that doesn’t offend (usually, wink wink), it’s down right funny and you are SO relatable! And even though you can dish it out, you can take it too (which I seem to think is rare).

    Your high energy, your gregarious personality, your never to be matched curiosity,your tell it like it is honestly, would reel in viewers and your keep them there.

    PS. Literally 50+ people came up to me the night of my wedding to ask me who was the hysterical girl who gave the toast, is she on TV, to which I would respond No, and people’s retort was overwhelmingly, well she should be!! GO GET EM’ KAT!!


    Kat Reply:

    You’re the best, Scan. I don’t know if you saw D’s “He Said”, but he mentioned your wedding in that, too!

    All those things you said about me… it’s hard to believe that’s how you — or others — see me. However, I’m flattered beyond measure.

    Meanwhile, I got my “call it like you see it” attitude from you, I believe. Also, I can’t believe you reference us as “living together after college” as our “history” together. Do you not remember that you were my little baby girl?

    You = the bomb. Thanks again (PS – Like your shout out?)


    Melissa Reply:

    Ha, yes I loved my shout out!! Now get your butt on TV! (PS You still need to send me those videos)


  7. jsp12 says:

    I will only chastise you for one thing. If this is truly your dream…how could you base your decision on anything other than your passion? Email responses to your post? Kat, if you are called to give this a shot….give it your best! Btw, I think one of your best qualities is the desire to strip away all pretense and talk and listen from the heart.


    Kat Reply:

    Because I’m scared to death. I’m just scared it’s going to be like (the audition) “Whose Line is it Anyway?”. There’s ZERO chance I can be off the cuff and pull a Wayne Brady (he is a genius, by the way). I loved, loved, loved your last comment — is that really how you see me? What an honor. Thanks, J!


  8. Tracey Johnson says:

    Chad and I think you should go for it…you’re honest, listen and love to talk. You would be perfect for it. Hands down, do it!


    Kat Reply:

    Love to talk? Me? Not sure you’re on the right blog. Thanks, Tracy!


  9. Gen X Mom says:

    Definitely! Go for it! For some reason this was brought to you. A sign or fate maybe. You have to do it!


    Kat Reply:

    Didn’t think of it like that… although I’m a HUGE believer in fate. I think it’s looking like it may happen. Ahhh!


  10. Kim says:

    Ok, what could I possibly add to this?? Geez, Kathy, this is your life calling!! You have always been so animated even at the most difficult times which will carry well on tv. There is rarely a topic off limits to you which is key to a great host. Add your comedic timing, your tender heart, your bold conversations, your sharp mind, and your honest being … Dammit, girl! You will regret this every day if you don’t go for it 100%. Stop questioning this! Get your head wrapped around this, because we all know your heart already is. Stop doubting yourself. None of us have any doubts whatsoever. None.

    Plus, I’ll kick your ass if you don’t!


    Kat Reply:

    WOW, well after THAT talk, it looks like I don’t have much of a choice, do I? Double “wow” for all those INCREDIBLE things you said about me. You may find yourself quoted somewhere (being 1/2 serious). I may be animated, but not sure I’m stellar at public speaking. We shall see, won’t we?? Thanks sooo much again, Kimi. Those words of encouragement are insane. xoxox


    Kim Reply:

    Not stellar at public speaking?? Are you freakin’ kidding me?!?! Kathy, I honestly — truly honestly –cannot think of anyone who could do this better. You really do need to do this for yourself or you will regret it for the rest of your life. You will always ALWAYS question whether you could do it. You can! Taking that first step is the scariest. Take a deep breath, commit to your dream and just go for it. Of course there is a good chance you won’t get it, because there will be so many applicants. But you will have tried. How many people can honestly say they are truly skilled in what it takes to fulfill their dream? Not many. You are a rare exception. Kathy, go for your dream. The only thing you know for sure is you won’t get it if you don’t try. I love you and have complete confidence in you.


  11. Tara says:

    I will have to write more another time, but after reading all the posts, I couldn’t agree more with Scanlon and Kim.. is it cousin Kimi??? She posts as Kim but you said, “thanks Kimi”, so I’m thinking it is. Please re-read both their posts when you have any doubt in your mind. I couldn’t have said it better. Their words are so true. I think we are at the point where this is happening so now use your audience to get ideas!!! WOOHOO!!! XOXO You already know how I feel and what I think.. NOW FOLLOW YOUR HEART….


  12. Anon says:

    YES!!! do it! At the very least it would make for great blog posts.

    You’d be great at this. You’re cute, funny and personable.


  13. Keri says:

    GO FOR IT!! I agree with Melissa. You would be perfect!! Your attention to detail, ability to listen, enthusiasm, and your amazing ability to remember during our next conversations despite the bazillion things going on in your life (ummm…4 kids is the minor detail) are just a few of the gifts that you have. I can visualize you sitting in “Oprah’s Chair” =). What a great guy you have that supports you on this as well, YEAH DAVE!!! Good luck, love Keri


    Kat Reply:

    Thanks, Kewis! Just saw this now… thank you, thank you! I’ll give you a shout out… “if” this ever happens. No, wait… I think I’m supposed to have positive energy: “when” this happens! I am lucky RE: Dave. I couldn’t help but laugh when you shared ‘your’ potential news with me… as I’m considering diving into unchartered waters as well — almost at exactly the same time. Great minds, and BFFs, think alike, I see…


  14. Crystal says:

    YOU CAN DO IT KAT!!! I really believe that! You seem to have some great background and I love how witty you are. You’d make a great talk show host! Go for it!


  15. Candice says:

    Good luck!! So exciting! We haven’t chatted in a long time but I can totally see you doing this!!!



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