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He Said: “Wedding Crasher(s)” | Today's Cliche - Marriage, Family, & Working Mommy... from BOTH Women's and Men's Perspectives

Monday, October 22, 2018

He Said: “Wedding Crasher(s)”

June 22, 2010 by  

My wife threatened to cut off all privileges if I brought up HER nap on Father’s Day.  So I won’t…

What  I WILL bring up, however, is Friday night’s dinner date.  We don’t get out nearly enough as a couple, but we were both very-much looking forward to our evening together.

The night started as expected – wine, some bread, a salad.  I promise I won’t give all the details, but she went to the restroom moments before our meal came.  So I waited…and waited…and waited…

Kat finally came back to the table with the MOST unusual look on her face.  Our conversation, before she left, had gotten a little serious so I was worried that she may still be upset (we were talking about her mom and she got a little emotional).  When she sat down (to two plates of cold food, I might add), the following conversation took place:

Dave – “Are you OK?”

Kat – “Yes, I was next door.”

Dave – “What do you mean?  At the wedding?!?!”  (there was a wedding reception going on next to the restaurant)

Kat – “Yes, that lady over there (pointing to a 60-something a few tables over) asked me to go in with her and crash it.”

Dave – “Wait, some stranger asked you to crash a wedding so you did it.”

Kat – “Yep.”

Dave – “Hmm, makes sense.  Did you dance?”

Kat – “Of course I did!”  (as if it was the most ridiculous question ever asked)

What the hell happened?  Were two ladies talking in adjacent stalls over the sound of their pee, deciding on the best way to spice up their night?  Was there peer pressure involved?  “Hi.  I’m Marge.  Wanna crash a wedding with me?”  Does this lady climb out of her shell like this regularly?  Does my WIFE as well, but I just don’t know it?

The best part of the story was when the other couple got up to leave – the Alpha Crasher walked past our table and acted like nothing even happened.  Kat was smiling at her, and at one point I thought was going to get up & hug her on the way out.  But this mystery lady made no eye contact, and walked past us as if we didn’t even exist.  Kat’s reaction was priceless.

I have fears that my five-year-old is going to be the “one in trouble” – always giving in to peer pressure, or just doing whatever his friends tell him to do.  I picture him with his tongue stuck to a pole, or having to make the call from jail, with his only defense being “my friends told me to.”  Apparently he’s not the one I should be worried about!

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