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Note 2 Self: “The Difference Between Boys & Girls” | Today's Cliche - Marriage, Family, & Working Mommy... from BOTH Women's and Men's Perspectives

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Note 2 Self: “The Difference Between Boys & Girls”

July 13, 2010 by  


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11 Responses to “Note 2 Self: “The Difference Between Boys & Girls””
  1. Kim Nugent says:

    I have been there/done that so many times….it’s not even funny. You are not alone, my friend. I ALWAYS evaluate the value of my ER co-pay dollars before I go!!! I must be bad mommy too. 😉


    Kat Reply:

    Okay, makes me feel better… MOMMY TO FIVE!


  2. LOL! My mother DID insist on the plastic surgeon when the water ski hit me in almost that exact spot…except I was 20 and freezing in a wet bathing suit in an air-conditioned ER. It took 2 extra hours of waiting and YES! I am her first-born. She actually said, “But your beautiful face!” while holding my chin in her hands… I was 20…didn’t matter that I didn’t want to wait, because it was still her insurance.


    Kat Reply:

    I am picturing the whole fiasco… ESP. your mom holding/cupping your 20 year old face in her hands. Also picturing you freezing in a wet bathing suit in A/C’ed ER. Have you water skied since?


  3. Angel says:

    As amother of 3 boys I think EVERYTHING needs an ER visit and hubby is the rationale one.. Sometimes too rationale.. LIke the time my youngest wiped out on our gravel driveway flipping head over heels and landing about 35 ft from where the fall began. Elbows scraped, knees scraped, and a huge gqash on his head warranted a call to an ambulance cause Daddy was not here. Ambulance drivers said oh nothign major just a bandaid. I however felt differently. Daddy came home and took aforementioned child to the ER. Where they proceeded to apply 6 stitches because he hd ripped the skin in such a way that it would not look right without being stitched.. umm yeah..


    Kat Reply:

    I can’t believe the Ambulance came… said he was fine… THEN you went to the ER and they stitched. Meanwhile… 35 feet from where the fall began? OMG. I’d lose it!


  4. Rebekah C says:

    Oh my yes. Ooooh, yes. My first (who happened to be a girl) fell when she was two and ripped a nice gash right on her chin. At the time , it was more like, not too far below her lower lip. I called her father at work to find out if we should go to the ER or not because, really? It wold have healed on it’s own and I KNEW the ER doc would put stitches in. Daddy’s response? “Do you think it’s going to scar?”

    “Uh, yeah, it’s going to scar, stitches or not”
    “Think the stitches will make her scar less obvious?”
    “Oh yeh, definitely. But you know, it WILL heal and getting it stitched is going to suck…”
    “Go get them. She’s a girl and I don’t want her dealing with a scar…”

    The ironic thing was, after the HELL that was that ER visit (Daddy didn’t have to hold his baby down while she screamed “Why are you hurting me? Why won’t you let me go? Why are you letting them?!?!?…WHERE WAS MY SHOT OF WHISKEY?!??!) and the two weeks of healing and all that, almost 4yrs later the scar has actually moved to the underside of her jawline. In other words, you can’t see it. At all. And the doc who did her stitches did them in such a way that her ped had to *cut open* the scab to get the under-layered stitch OUT. So. much. fun. Ew.

    If my son busts his chin, I will think long and hard about those stitches. But I have to admit that if it’s either of my daughters, I’m going to be more likely to have scar-able wounds stitched up, lol.

    We’re hopeless.


    Kat Reply:

    Oh, I just physically gagged after reading that they had to cut open the scab to get to the stitches to take them out. And, I love that it was You (isn’t it always us) who had to experience the pinning of the child down… the begging you to save them (helplessly)… not the guy who really thought the ER was the best choice.

    Thanks for sharing that story! Made my day!


  5. Theta Mom says:

    LMAO! Great minds DO think alike!!! I cannot imagine a 3rd let alone 4th!


  6. MissyPW says:

    You should Leah’s lip after she catapultated off the stairs — sliced open! And please, no doctor visit let alone ER — she’ll be fine, right? She’s my first AND a girl! My poor future offspring…


  7. Kara says:

    HAHAHA! I do the same thing. My first thought when something happens is do I have enough time to make a quick drop in visit to the regual doctors will I will have a 20 dollar co-pay. If the answer is NO then I evaluate is it worth going to the ER and paying the $175.

    I also am terrible about making my final opinion on how many kids I have with me at the time and how many I will have to drag along with me.

    Also, I do have to ask myself, if I didn’t think it was something that I needed to rush to the ER room as soon as it happened and my first reaction is to debate if I should go or not go, then doesn’t that sort of answer the question for me? Hmmm… Poor kiddo! Hope it heals quickly!


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