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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

She Said: “Call Me Crazy”

August 5, 2010 by  

I think there’s a huge benefit to being naive. Especially when it comes to putting things in perspective; particularly while working under pressure. Pressure can be a deadline, or being put “on the spot” in a social setting.

When I say naivety, I don’t mean it’s prudent to be stupid, but rather not over educated about a particular subject… group… or person. Especially all-knowing about someone — a person — who isn’t in your family, or a close friend. Someone who you look up to in an over-the-top way.

Where the hell is THIS going? Well it’s surfacing because of where I AM going, today. BlogHer ’10. In Manhattan.

Something I’m grateful for being is naive about fame. Naive about people who are popular (I just reverted back in maturity about 20 years as I typed that word). In my career, of course I know who my competitors are. Similarly, in my blogging life, I certainly admire fellow bloggers who are genius and have made it big. Thankfully, however, I’m not intimidated by them. Plus, do people not realize that those who have made a name for themselves think that IT IS GAY if you’re all, “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I’m talking to you… like… live… right now. OMG, I just can’t believe YOU are talking to ME!”.

I’m not making this up, ladies and gentlemen. I wish I could. I mean, c’mon, people who are successful and who “everyone knows their name” poop on the potty JUST like you and me. They’re not untouchable. They are smart, sometimes lucky, and have worked their tushies off to be where they are. You have other strengths that they don’t. That I don’t. This “they poop on the potty just like you and me” doesn’t just apply to the Convention I’m heading to. It applies to sports (picture those parents who kiss the as$es of coaches who are considered to “have all the connections” — whatev), your church, educational institutions, your neighborhood, your PTA… you fill in the blank. People are people. Just because they are considered “the s#it” in their genre doesn’t mean you should feel intimidated by them! Quite the contrary. I’d BET they want to be treated like Everyday Joe/Jane.

How this surfaced was from skimming the Twitter Feed for #BlogHer. Comments such as “I’m so sad I’m not going to #BlogHer, but it’s best that I’m not. I wouldn’t be able to function I’d be so starstruck!” or “I just bumped into famed blogger and can’t believe I clammed up” or “I can’t believe I met so-and-so, she’s so famous I can’t believe she talked to me”.

Lemme ask you… if you were on the receiving end of that, do you think it would enhance your ego to have someone feel that way that about you? I would image that would have a sense of oddness(?). Although not even close to there, I would be humbled, but embarrassed and disappointed. I would feel as if I were doing something wrong to let off the heir about me. And if anyone who I do meet at BlogHer ’10 does thrive on people feeling unworthy of them(selves), frankly I don’t even want to come within a stone’s throw of them. I don’t think that’s gonna happen though. These chicks (err… and some guys) are A+ material. And, if they’re not, you can be certain I’ll be blogging about them.

I know FOR A FACT I either lost the attention of non-bloggers about 10% into this post, or SINCE THEY ALREADY MAKE FUN OF ME FOR SPENDING SO MUCH TIME IN MY BLOGGING CAREER — they have officially disowned me as a friend for dissecting this topic to the bone by now. They just do NOT GET what a big freaking deal this “blogging thing” is.

Oh, it’s big, baby. In fact, this particular convention was on the Today Show this morning! And, the Today Show is going to be AT the Convention. Women bloggers are the most influential social media people in the world right now. I’m honored to be part of this outstanding group of professionals.

As I type, I’m tunneling out the whines, cackles and arguments from the 4 peanuts in the back seats. Heading up in the Suburban from NC to MD to drop off the rugrats at my sister’s (who also has 4 kids; yup – good luck with that). Then, hopping on an Amtrak from MD to NYC (okay, last time you’ve been on a train?) to head up to Manhattan. Why a train? Well, to full run dry the dining/cocktail car, of course. Why Manhattan? For a Convention for Women Bloggers. Why is hubs going them? Because of the 1 to 9 ratio men to women. We’re considering Swinging.

Oh, and talk about being stupid. When you look it up this afternoon in Websters you’ll see my mug shot. Why? I hit the nail on the freakin’ stupid head this morning. 15 minutes into the 10 hour trek up north I realize I FORGOT the single most important item on the list, behind lip gloss, baby powder (don’t ask), and a cork screw. BUSINESS CARDS.

Even my kindergartner knows that would be a priority.

So, I had one of my BFFs break into my house, get the biz cards, and front the money ($60) to friggin’ overnight the damn things to New York City so I don’t look like a freakin’ schmuck in front of the popular bloggers who have made it big ;-).

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4 Responses to “She Said: “Call Me Crazy””
  1. Mark Zuckerberg says:

    “Women bloggers are the most influential social media people in the world right now.”

    I’d like to see your sources on that.


    Kat Reply:

    No problem. I will get you the source… just spending some time with my kids since I was away. Thanks!


  2. Bekah says:

    Kat! It was so nice meeting you this evening at the Gala! I was the one *ahem, schmuck* that didn’t have a business card to give you. You and your husband were so cute, so glad to have met you both.

    Love the blog! And I believe you on the social media thing… maybe it’s because I’m so enthralled with it, and I can’t help but immerse myself in blogs, twitter land, etc but I try and explain to the rest of the world (my parents, really) I’m always like, “Twitter is SO huge right now! Social media is IT!”

    I’m in culinary school right now, so I write my food blog with that perspective, explaining a lot of what goes on at school in my creative ways, or whatever, and then also I post some recipes, daily eats, how I go about living healthy in the culinary world, etc.

    Hope to see you tomorrow!


  3. oszust says:

    Couldn?t be designed any much better. Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this report to him. Pretty certain he will possess a great read. Thanks for sharing!


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