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She Said: “Winner, Winner (?) Chicken Dinner” | Today's Cliche - Marriage, Family, & Working Mommy... from BOTH Women's and Men's Perspectives

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

She Said: “Winner, Winner (?) Chicken Dinner”

September 20, 2010 by  

So, lookie look what arrived at our front door — about 1/4 of what we’ll be getting from Pyrex (!), even if we don’t come in 1st on Friday.  The flippin’ boxes weighed like 80 lbs. each. Pyrex wants us to get “comfortable” with the actual pieces we’ll be using at Friday’s Culinary Competition, live and “Iron Chef Style”, at Battery Park Gardens (outside), in NYC.

Initially, I didn’t think I needed “any of it”… until within SECONDS, I FELT LIKE IT WAS MY WEDDING SHOWER… just nearly a decade later.

$250 worth of Pyrex arrives at front stoop

So — the kids had a flippin’ BALL with the POPPY thingies. They were all “hell with the kitchen crap“… but rather: LISTEN TO US playing hopscotch with this other crap.

Why are the BUBBLES more fun than the package?

Wait… PYREX sells Pots and PANS?!?!? And ones with, like, the coolest lids and features EVER?? (look how cool the sauce pan top sits on the actual pot!)

Did you know Pyrex sells COOKWARE... like POTS and PANS?!!?! Non-stick? Had noo idea (or that i needed MORE of it!)

Xmas Morning!

Oh man... lots o' crap (good crap) in here!

Digging to the bottom of the barrel

They fought for got along like such angels for like 2 hours with their version of cooking supplies.

Built in Babysitter, Take I

I know. Dork.

CHEESY, CHEESY, embarrassing

AND THIS IS ONLY one quarter of it? Oyy veeh.

Just a sampling of what was in the box

We did NOT bribe our children with their own iPhone or a $500 allowance for Wii games just to get them to choke out a pose Aren’t they cute here?

The bribing in involved for this pic... oyeh vey.

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7 Responses to “She Said: “Winner, Winner (?) Chicken Dinner””
  1. The Internet says:

    Just FYI, strikeout is super mega annoying.

    The world


    Information Superhighway Reply:

    Your comments are super mega annoying, The world, so what’s your point?


  2. That is JUST LIKE Christmas morning!!! How fun!!!


  3. Ashley says:

    In my (humble) opinion, you guys have this in the bag! You guys are so much cuter than the other couple – you may, however, want to alert them to the Kate thing – Hello?!?!?!??!

    Anyway, good luck, roomie!! You’ll knock ’em dead!!


  4. Libby says:

    Well I’ll have to read what all this is about…but honestly, I don’t care because I’m too distracted by ALL THE SHINY NEW THINGS on my screen. Oh my goodness I want it all…plus the other 3/4ths.

    GOOD LUCK (I will sincerely mean that when I read previous mentioned post)


  5. Talk about holy exciting!!!!!! That makes me want to go shopping for my kitchen LOL


  6. Tracie says:

    How fun! All that wonderful bubble wrap to pop.

    Cool dishes too. I’m not one of those cooking moms, so I wouldn’t know what to do with all of that stuff, but I know you will put it to great use.

    That picture–so cute!!

    Oh yeah. I like the strikeout. Just saying. 😉


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