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He Said: “Serves You Right” | Today's Cliche - Marriage, Family, & Working Mommy... from BOTH Women's and Men's Perspectives

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

He Said: “Serves You Right”

October 2, 2010 by  

After reading my wife’s post (click HERE before going any further!) I can finally understand why I have issues – I’m ranked right up there beside a piece of hardware.  Awesome.

I do take some of her post to heart, though – there are a number of things that I said I’d “NEVER” do that happens now on a regular basis.

  • “I’ll never have that family.”  Oh yes, I have that family more often than not – the family you can hear from 6 aisles over in the grocery store, the one that has to leave 20 minutes into the movie, or the one you can hear screaming through the open windows when you walk by their house.  Yes, that has “Fotheringham” written all over it.
  • “I’ll never let our kids sleep in our bed.”  We were SO CLOSE to not being this family!  Why are we letting our youngest crawl into bed and not take him back to his bed?  5 nights out of the week I find him between us.  And it needs to be known that he’s the wormiest child we have – he crawls on top of your head, tries to wiggle under your arm, and wraps himself around your leg.  In 20 years you’ll see him in the circus as a contortionist.  Like this young fella to the left.
  • “I’ll never be jealous once I get married.”  Every once in a while, and I just can’t pinpoint why.  Maybe it only happens when she calls me Mac (again, read her post to understand).  Or maybe not.
  • “I’ll never go to bed mad.”  In concept this one sounds great, but I challenge ANYONE reading this to say to me they’ve never gone to bed mad at their spouse.  I have, and I’m fairly certain she has as well.  I wonder who’s done it more often?

Serves me right for judging others, and for how I stupidly thought it would be “so easy” for me.  I learn something new everyday – about me, my family and each of the relationships within it.

And there’s one thing I know for sure – I’ll never take what I have for granted.  Ever.

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3 Responses to “He Said: “Serves You Right””
  1. CK says:

    We always said we’d never go to bed mad either… but I’ve learned that sometimes the best thing you can do is STOP TALKING ABOUT IT (because you are probably so delirious and tired from talking about it into the wee hours of the night while lying in bed that you’re not making any sense anyhow!) And usually high emotions have been diffused by the time you wake up… so maybe we’ve got it all wrong–perhaps the best thing you can do when you’re mad is go to sleep and then it will seem a little less upsetting in the morning?! (when the husband will finally have come to his senses, of course, apologize, and admit being 100% in the wrong after his head has been cleared by some good sleep!) 🙂


    Kat Reply:

    LMAO!! First of all… THANK YOU SOOO much for reading/commenting, sistah! You’re the bomb!

    I say we change the rules… I also agree… I get SOOO delirious, I don’t even REMEMBER what the hell we’re fighting about (!). And, you always feel better (and like “What the HECK was that all about last night??”) when you awake.

    That is “when the husband will finally have come to his senses, of course, apologize, and admit being 100% in the wrong after his head has been cleared by some good sleep!”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself!!


  2. sarah says:

    sometimes going to bed angry is the best thing you can do. It’s almost always better in the morning when we are a little more rested and had time to calm down.
    If you have to be compared to something, her Mac isn’t so mad. She spends so much time with it… must be good to be right up there with the Mac 🙂


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