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He Said: “Why You Should Have Sex at Least Once a Week” | Today's Cliche - Marriage, Family, & Working Mommy... from BOTH Women's and Men's Perspectives

Saturday, October 20, 2018

He Said: “Why You Should Have Sex at Least Once a Week”

October 29, 2010 by  

Wow…good thing my wife doesn’t fish.  I can only imagine the fish stories she could come up with!  Would her catching a little bluegill somehow turn into the picture to the left?  Probably…

Her side of the story isn’t even CLOSE to how these events played out.  She could have claimed that I cheated on her, stole candy from the neighbor kids while riding a unicycle, then pulled a “JetBlue” at work, and the story would have been nearly as accurate.  Who makes this stuff up?

Here’s my take on it – yes, I DID send a nice, sweet e-mail.  An e-mail that she wanted to include in her post!  Sorry – overruled.  We don’t share EVERYTHING between us on this site – just enough to make some people uncomfortable (sorry, Mom and mystery-commenter-who-I-now-despise-and-hope-you-are-beaten-by-a-ghoul-on-Halloween-night).

So I send the e-mail, and 10 seconds later my phone rings – it’s Kat.  I’m thinking “nice – she got the e-mail and is calling to thank me!  I rock.”  Unfortunately for me, she didn’t yet get the e-mail and was providing specific details about dropping off the kids, her trip to the grocery store, her forgetfulness, and something else that I have no chance of remembering.  Talk about deflating…very similar to me getting shot down on my once-a-week efforts on the topic-du-jour.

The CNN article in question can be found by clicking here.  It actually has some very great points about lifestyle in general.  But NO…Kat saw the dreaded 3-letter-word in the URL and decided to not even click on it.  She admits as much in her post.  I can guarantee that she didn’t read the entire article as of today – even after she decided to use it as the basis of her post.

Three other items to note before I claim victory on this one:

  • The e-mail and IM were sent nearly two hours apart
  • The e-mail was sent first – meaning that it was 100% independent of the article (if I was weird enough to “plan” this outreach – and schedule the IM at just the right time following the e-mail – then I’d be very much afraid of myself)
  • 13 of the past 15 mornings I’ve woken up on the couch, due to 1 or more munchkins overtaking our bed.  If she was “tending” to them as she claims to be, would they not be in their own bed?  Would I NOT be in my own bed as well?

‘Nuff said.  Victory is sweet…

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