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I Want My Ex Boyfriend Back | Today's Cliche - Marriage, Family, & Working Mommy... from BOTH Women's and Men's Perspectives

Monday, October 22, 2018

I Want My Ex Boyfriend Back

November 3, 2010 by  

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I Want My Ex Boyfriend Back
So, you know I was in my glory when I was interviewed by Gail King on Oprah Winfrey Radio on XM last February. That was over the phone. My latest (hardly) debut was actually in-a-studio. Oh, it felt so right. We’re talking weak in the knees.

Oh, yes. This girl was in her glory.

Kat + Radio Talk Show = Pure Glory.

I now know what I want to be when I grow up!  Someone not in front of the camera (as much as you all think I love it…), but behind a microphone, where I don’t have to (weekly) obsessively pluck my eyebrows, wear a bra, or wax the ‘stache… I can get dressed up if I want to, or not if I don’t… and I can tell everyone what the hell I think for a change… instead of having others (namely these five four whinos) tell me what the hell THEY WANT!

Halloween: "Deal or No Deal" Hosts, "Batman/Robin", "Confused Sports Guy" (literally), "Queen of Hearts"

Back on topic. We were honored to be interviewed by SideDish on October 24th, hosted by A Southern Season’s Deborah Miller and Jay White. They could not have been MORE gracious, kind, warm, and/or fun! SideDish offers an insider’s perspective into the world of food, wine and all things house and home; it’s broadcast out of Chapel Hill, NC.

They made us laugh on more than one occasion; I believe they may have gotten a kick out of us, too.

Afterwards, Deborah took a chunk of time out of her day to tour me around A Southern Season after we left the studio. I have

Photo courtesy ASouthernSeason.com

NEVER been there!?!? I’m embarrassed to admit.  Might get a chance to go again, when Dave and I (may possibly?) do a cooking class in their reknowned cooking school/stadium. Man, you should see it. Puts Rachael Ray to shame.

Will keep you posted.

Below is a the quick segment for your ear canal pleasure (have to press the leeeetttle gray arrow):

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13 Responses to “I Want My Ex Boyfriend Back”
  1. Melissa says:

    LOVE it!


  2. Stephanie says:

    Electric Stove Top Burner

    My side of the story….

    So tonight I get the usual 2x a month lecture from my husband who by the way does no cooking in the houe, on what burner to use on the electric stove. Yes, I use the one closest to me front right burner, which happens to be the biggest. Doesn’t matter what size pan or pot I have I just use it. It is close to me, I don’t have to reach and potentially burn myself. Secondly, it heats up like no man’s business. That means whatever I am cooking it is going to happen fast. (Which is my goal at 7:00 at night with a daughter who is tired, has homework as does her mommie.) So do I really give it any thought as to what burner to use? NO I DON’T!!!

    His side of the story…

    He thinks I am waisting energy when I use a pan way to small for the large burner. Honestly, I did not know you could actually figure out how much money I was burning by using the large burner instead of the small one during the short time I am cooking Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup from a box. Oh, and by the way, it only takes an IDIOT, according to him, to figure that out that it only seems logical to use the right size burner for the size of pan.

    Well after going on for what seemed an eternity one what burner I should be using and how much electricty I was using and how much money I was waisting…you guessed it. The escatlation of a big AXX argument. So hear I sit nursing a mommie drink, wondering if I am totally crazy or should he be kissing my AXX for cooking his meals.

    P.S. I did not cook tonight and it i ladies night tomorrow so may on Friday.


    Kat Reply:

    Freaking LOVE it!! Love Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup from a packet (although haven’t had in 10 years…) and — SERIOUSLY — how could he HONESTLY FIGURE out the cash wasted by the difference of a little burner vs. bigger one? I am soooo on your side on this one, it is not even funny. That’s ridic.

    Don’t you hate when something SO freakin ridiculous blows up into a big as$ argument? You forget what you’re arguing about — you just know YOU ARE RIGHT and he has NO CLUE (and is a jerk).

    Wait, are you going to Wine 101 for Ladies Night tonight?
    PS – Love that you didn’t cook. That. Showed. Him.


    Men Reply:

    Are you serious? Obviously it takes more energy to heat a larger burner than a smaller one. And how would you burn yourself by using a smaller burner? Wouldn’t you have a greater risk of burning yourself on the exposed, unused part of the larger than necessary burner? None of what you said makes sense, but that’s a woman for you…


    Burner Reply:

    OMG. Soooooo sexist.

    Hes at work all day, probably goofing off, and he thinks she’s waisting energy. i made hubs get a hybrid to go to work instead of the suv he wanted, so i can waist 2 things of energy if i want when I”M making HIM dinner.

    Stupid Dumb Male Reply:

    Yeah you really showed him. No way could he figure out how to make chicken noodle soup from a box. He’d probably put the pot upside down. Noodles would wind up in the oven (if he can even open the box). Then he’d try heating up beer with a lighter until he decides to give up and go to the bar.


    Burner Reply:

    Ooo. i bet this is teh same guy as men. their really coming out of the woodwerk. SHE is making dinner for HIM. What don’t you understand? If he doesn’t want to waist energy, he can make soup for himself. Not beer.

    Stephanie Reply:

    Hey Kat-

    No to the WINE 101, other stuff.

    And to reply to all….I am still a little upset tonight. And although I have made the green beans and have thrown some frozen fries on the pan, he is at Harris Teetr picking up a steak. Should be fine by tomorrow as it is always another day!



    Burner Reply:

    OMG, so LOL stephanie. and soooooo true.

    You tell HUBS that big burner makes soup faster. Like he can tell how many $$$$$ it can take to make soup SLOWER. That doesn’t even make sense. LOL. He’s not a scientologist.


    Men Reply:

    Burner are you a woman? You talk nonsense like a woman.


    Burner Reply:


    so h-e-double hockey stick-mad right now.

  3. Tracie says:

    Super awesome!

    I will definitely listen to your radio show one day when you have one!
    Tracie recently posted..Happiness is a Bushel of CookiesMy ComLuv Profile


    Kat Reply:

    “One day when I have one… Ha!”


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