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About Dave | Today's Cliche - Marriage, Family, & Working Mommy... from BOTH Women's and Men's Perspectives

Saturday, October 20, 2018

About Dave

About “Him”Family Picture, Quinn's Class

(PS – Dave is writing this from his perspective. Although Kat does call most of the shots, but she did not compose this one).

In an effort to keep the clichés rolling, the best description of Dave at the moment is that he believes he is in over his head.  How in the world did he “bag” the girl who is now his wife, and the mother of his four children?  He KNOWS that when they walk down the street, strangers are saying “what is she doing with THAT guy?!?”

And as you can expect, this site will allow Kat the opportunity to inform the world when he slips up from letting her feel appreciated.

However, between the kids, his job, this site, his obligations to his wife, and trying to find at least a little “guy-time,” Dave sometimes feels like he is drowning.  When you give to one, you take away from another.  A last-minute trip for work leads to the inability to help drive to/from one of the kids’ 12 night time activities that/those day(s).

So who is Dave?  Kat says it best when she calls him the “Ultimate Boy Scout.”  He brings a great mixture of honesty, wit and compassion to all facets of his life – parenthood, the professional world, friendship and mirage…or, marriage.  Dave gained a strong foundation on relationships, work ethic, and respect back in his childhood years.  When he wants to set examples both at work and at home, he can think of no better role models than his parents.  (Thanks again, Mom & Dad!!!)

Want to know more?  Dave is a sports freak, mostly in the fall when the pigskin is thrown around.  If the names Delton Hall, Rich Erenberg, Harvey Clayton and Brian Hinkle make you smile, then you understand the passion Dave has for his hometown Pittsburgh Steelers.  He tries to make one road game each year, so long as the annual hall pass is available (thanks again, Kat).  As a Penn State alum, Dave has experienced many great moments in Nittany Lions football over the past 20 years.  (FYI – Joe deserves to retire on his terms, no one else’s).  Feel free to challenge Dave to the NFL Name Game – he is full of useless knowledge of 80’s & 90’s NFL rosters.

His proudest moment?  A five-way tie for first place.  As mothers and fathers know first-hand, there is nothing like meeting your newborn son(s) and/or daughter(s) for the first time.  Dave is lucky enough to have experienced this four (!) times over.  And for the 5th?  This family wouldn’t be possible without our proposal to wed.  Dave is sure everyone else’s experiences were the same as his – you know, where your fiancée-to-be says “shut up,” “stop screwing around”, and finally “get off your knee – you are embarrassing me.”  Awesome.

We hope you enjoy this site as it matures with information over time.  Dave’s wish is that when reading our posts you learn a little, laugh a lot, and – hopefully – realize that no matter how crazy life can be, you should (and can) keep your work/life balance in check.

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