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About Kat | Today's Cliche - Marriage, Family, & Working Mommy... from BOTH Women's and Men's Perspectives

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

About Kat

About “Her”Playa del Carmen last year

Kat is a thirty-something Mommy-a-Holic, Happy-Hour-a-Holic, & Career-a-Holic (in no particular order, of course…) who is challenged & rewarded hourly by her 4 young kiddos, career, & business. She is a new faithful of Food Rules; specifically Michael Pollan’s “Don’t eat anything your great-great grandmother would not recognize as food”.

To see a glimpse of what you probably never wanted to know about Kat, click here.

A few key things that make Kat, well, “Kat”:

Picking at her face. Thankfully, she’s a recovering picker. She still secretly has a love for it. Even when there was nothing to pick, she’d make it happen and regret it for about 6 days. Admit it; you ALL do it.

Asking questions. You can’t shut her up.  She can’t tell you how many people say to her “Wait, why are we talking about this. Wow… wait… Step back. I’ve never told anyone that before… and I hardly even know you. How’d we get on this topic?”  She has a genuine but odd intrigue for other people’s “stories”. Always has, always will. She can’t shake it, as hard as she tries (or as inappropriate you’d find her questions).  Regardless, for some reason, people always candidly answer them. Call her crazy, but it happens. It’s actually pretty shocking.

Seeking passion — Kat’s full of it. And you’ll know it from your first handshake (which likely will turn into the inevitable dive in for the full-out hug) with her. Passionate about the all out cliche of working hard and playing hard. Passionate about her faith in God; passionate toward her husband; passionate and proud of her incredibly strong relationship with her parents; passionate about her children having manners, passionate about her children’s education; passionate about placing her family’s and friends’ needs in front of her own; passionate (and obsessed) about researching the best solutions, products, and services online; and passionate about respecting those who have more experiences than herself — both personally and professionally.

Recovering perfectionist: Oh, this is a toughy. She used to care beyond measure what her house looked like, if her kids were only wearing the cutest of the cute, or if she had the newest stroller. She gave up the people in her life who made her want to be like that (we all have those “friends”) — and it’s all been smooth sailing since.

Importance of siblings: Kat is also a STRONG advocate of cultivating relationships between siblings — regardless of how very different their personalities and/or interests may be. She does everything in her power to translate this importance to her own children, who argue, disagree, and tattle on each other more than she can friggin’ stand. She believes that siblings are such a strong puzzle piece to one’s core.

Adoption: Another major passion of Kat’s: domestic and international adoption. Kat has always dreamed of adopting a (5th) child, Dave’s not so much on the same plan. We shall see, won’t we? 🙄

Obsession with children: Probably more than anything, Kat is borderline obsessed with children from around the globe, and engulfing herself in new cultures: whether over a cup of coffee domestically, or by chatting it up with locals overseas. Sometimes she’s embarrassed to admit she has been blessed enough to have circumnavigated the globe on a ship, living in & visiting briefly 10 countries (and falling in love with the children native to): Venezuela, Brazil, South Africa, Kenya, India, Vietnam, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, and Japan. After working in the corporate world for a few years after college, she then decided to get paid to travel, and worked as a Port Lecturer on various cruise ships, including 14 day itineraries through the Panama Canal (from San Diego to FL) in the late 90s.

While not working on her business, or not writing for Today’s Cliche, you’ll find Kat…

As much as she bitch*s about her crazy family and hubs on Today’s Cliche :mrgreen: , she actually loves spending time with them. That’s likely where you’ll find her. If not, she’s either running, listening to Oprah Radio on XM, skimming recipe books (while wiping her drool), cooking, tweeting, watching just about any show on The Food Network, snuggling with her little rugrats, checking in on Facebook, taking pics, sorting through the memorabilia of her past, having her beach chair at the edge of the ocean, and Happy Hour ‘playdates’ with friends. Sadly, the last item likely tops the list.

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