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Saturday, October 20, 2018

How They Met

[About 4 months after HE wrote the below, SHE was chosen to speak on air about HOW THEY MET — and not just on any talk radio show… but on Oprah Radiowith Oprah’s BFF, Gayle King !! She was in her glory.

Read more about what led up to the Radio Interview HERE.

>Image in Clip above Courtesy of Oprah Radio Online, Feb, 2010<

In HIS words: It sounds sooo gay to say aloud (or actually type) that the stars definitely aligned when Dave & Kat met for their first date — but it’s true. Sometimes there’s no better way to explain something (hence, the definition of a cliche), than to use a phrase with which we’re all too familiar. Fate, irony, luck? God’s hand working his magic? How else can you describe a “hairspray girl” from Long Island meeting a guy from a steel mill town of Pittsburgh — in Washington, D.C. on a blind date.

Kat and Dave met through the intersection of all things they can’t live without – friends, family, their strong beliefs, and the Internet.  Kat was trying to find one of her brothers ‘a chick’ on this ‘new site’ she heard about in 1999.  Dave was taking the the lead of a trusted friend.  Seeing the opportunities in front of them, they both jumped out of their “comfort zone” to allow the most unlikeliest of encounters to occur.

Some folks say that when you know, you know.  Their story is no different – a first encounter by e-mail, a first date one month later, an engagement seven months after that, ending with wedding bells 11 months following.  (Oh, and four kids 7 1/2 years from when they first met).

Many more details of “how they met” will come out over time; however, Dave & Kat’s message is that great things can happen when people remain open-minded, stay strong in their morals, don’t “settle”, and ultimately are lucky (blessed!) enough to find their soul-mate.

Editor’s Note: [This is the GUYS’ version. Consider yourself lucky! HER version would have been 12 pages deep].

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