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I Don’t Get It | Today's Cliche - Marriage, Family, & Working Mommy... from BOTH Women's and Men's Perspectives

Monday, October 15, 2018

I Don’t Get It

  • Blogs are a dime a dozen these days. This hubby/wife team argued over using decided to use clichés as the backdrop to candidly illustrate how very differently men and women think, and relate. Today’s Cliché is a modern day spin on the good ‘ole He Said / She Said cliché, explicitly devouring – while spinning – common dilemmas families encounter in our materialistic American culture.
  • Today’s Cliché dissects the good, the bad, and the ugly regarding relationships, ‘grown up’ responsibilities, parenting, shopping, debt, marriage, intimacy, disciplining a tribe of children… you name it. The paradox is that you will be given BOTH the man’s and a woman’s perspective.  Make sense?

  • We won’t brag about awards our kids won, or seek a pat on the back for the long list of work and home items the wife checked off her list during the (measly!!) 4 hours the younger ones are at preschool. And, we won’t wallpaper the site with pictures of our kids, thinking they’re “the cutest kids in the world”. We’re no dummies… most of our readers have kids themselves.  Enough said.

  • Clichés are used in moments that are just too big for originality (does “the grass is always greener” ring a bell?).  The cliché “spin” on this is that Today’s Cliché consistently uses actual common cliché phrases to illustrate this couple’s difference in opinion.  You will engage and empathize with subject matter — all revolving around everyday clichés — related to parenting, life, love, and the unending pursuit of contemporary happiness.  We can almost guarantee that you will relate on some level to the clichés that are sprinkled throughout this resourceful blog.  If you find Today’s Cliche a worthwhile click; please share our URL with friends and family!!
  • If you check out the brown menu bar (above), you’ll find tons of content that isn’t “just” He Said / She Said.

  • In these sections, “SHE” unravels details that will make you scratch your head, and your mom *blush*. Sprinkled in are some recommendations for products/services that will knock your socks off. Journeys from selfishness to selflessness. Sites for children that have made our lives, with 4 children, easier.

  • We want you to chime in – Post a Comment!
  • We want to KNOW what you think!!

Please participate — males and females alike. We want to hear if you disagree with Dave us. Personally, we’d rather hear that you agree with Kat us, of course, but we welcome any and all banter and feedback!  We want to know how Today’s Cliché [which sometimes also may be the Cliché of the(your) Day] applies to your lives, and if you relate more to the female version or the male version.

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